Ski slopes forced to close during COVID-19 lockdown in Ontario


Hill operators express frustration with the order.

THUNDER BAY – Like all ski resorts in Ontario, the Loch Lomond and Mount Baldy ski areas are due to close their operations by Saturday due to new COVID-19 restrictions.
Under the provincial lockdown, outdoor rinks can remain open, but ski slopes must close.

A post on Mount Baldy’s Facebook page illustrates the frustration of many operators.

“After completely breaking our tails day and night to make this the best, safest and earliest season, we have yet another hard blow with Covid…. We are forced to close during our busiest time on December 26 and have decided to spend our last day on December 23, ”the post said.

Ironically, Mount Baldy started its season before the end of October, possibly its very first start.

The Loch Lomond ski area also posted a post on Facebook:

“The start of our season has seen so many of you visit our hills, and we were so happy to have given you this joy. With the provincial government’s announcement yesterday, our Christmas plans must have changed. provincial mandate, we will not be able to function after Christmas Day for 2 weeks. ”

The president of the Ontario Snow Resorts Association has expressed disappointment with the government’s decision to close the trails, saying the province is the only jurisdiction in North America to have taken this step.

“Despite working with the Government of Ontario over the past few months, even though nearly 2,500 Ontarians have sent letters Save our ski and despite significant investments in this year’s season to keep Ontarians safe, the government has decided to close ski slopes, ”Nichol said in a statement.

He added “While golf courses were supported by the government, even at the height of the first wave of the pandemic, ski slopes were left behind. ”


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