Singaporean tanker hit by ‘external source’ explosion off Saudi Arabia


The incident, which occurred around 12:40 am local time, caused “an explosion and fire on board,” the company said, as well as damage to the hull. It is still not clear what the “external source” was.

“The captain immediately stopped all unloading operations and put emergency procedures in place on board,” the statement added.

The crew extinguished the fire with the assistance of shore-based firefighters and tugs, and the 22 seafarers were recorded without injuries. Hafnia said “it is possible that oil may have escaped from the vessel, but this has not been confirmed and the instrumentation currently indicates that the oil levels on board are at the same level as before the incident. “.

Cargo space cooling and inerting procedures have been initiated to prevent further potential fires, while the vessel’s stability is being assessed before proceeding with any further operations, the company added.

Inerting is the introduction of an incombustible gas into a confined space to reduce the risk of fire.
Hafnia said he activated his emergency response team on land and all relevant authorities have been notified of the incident. “(We are working) with them to ensure the continued safety of the crew, the ship and the environment,” the company said.

Singapore-based Hafnia operates a fleet of 178 vessels and transports oil and petroleum products “to major national and international oil companies, large chemical companies, as well as trading and utility companies,” according to the press release.


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