Singapore: Lab-grown meat to go on sale for the first time after historic approval | World news


Meat produced in a laboratory instead of from slaughtered animals has been approved for the first time.

Singapore will allow US company Eat Just to sell lab-grown chicken meat, which is expected to launch in a restaurant “very soon”, as part of the world’s first regulatory approval.

Eat Just said the product will be sold as nuggets and will be available at premium chicken prices when it goes on sale – and could lead to a future where all meat is produced without killing livestock.

Eat Just employee watches grilled fillet made from lab-grown meat

The demand for alternatives to regular meat is increasing due to concerns about health, animal welfare and the environment.

However, so-called clean or cultured meat, which is grown from animal muscle cells, is more expensive to produce than plant-based products, such as Quorn, Impossible Foods, and Beyond Meat.

Eat Just co-founder and chief executive Josh Tetrick said the San Francisco-based company is also speaking to US regulators.

He said: “I imagine what will happen is that the United States, Western Europe and others will see what Singapore has been able to do, the rigors of the framework that they have put in place. square.

“And I imagine they will try to use it as a template to create their own framework. ”

The product will be launched at a restaurant in Singapore

Singapore produces only about 10% of its food, but has ambitious plans to increase it over the next decade by supporting high-tech agriculture and new means of production.

Eat Just said he will manufacture the product in Singapore, where he also plans to start making a mung bean egg substitute that he sells commercially in the United States.

Josh Tetrick, CEO and co-founder of Eat Just.  Pic: Just eat
Josh Tetrick is the CEO and co-founder of Eat Just

The company was founded in 2011 and has Hong Kong magnate Li Ka-shing and Singapore state investor Temasek among its backers.

Mr Tetrick said he has raised over $ 300million (£ 225million) since its inception and is valued at around $ 1.2 billion (£ 900million).


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