Shazam! Director cheekily responds to Dwayne Johnson practice photo


Shazam!Dwayne Johnson’s manager posted a cheeky response to Dwayne Johnson’s practice photo. Johnson set to star as Black Adam in upcoming DCEU movie of the same name and 2019 spinoff Shazam!, directed by David F. Sandberg. Originally known as Captain Marvel, Shazam first appeared in Fawcett Comics in 1939 and centered on a young boy named Billy Batson who could transform into an adult hero by pronouncing the ancient wizard’s name, “Shazam. “. Later acquired by DC, along with his gallery of thugs, including Black Adam, Shazam became one of the universe’s most popular heroes, ranked, in terms of power, on par with the iconic Superman of DC.

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Compared to the ongoing debate over who actually is stronger between Superman and “the Big Red Cheese,” it’s widely believed that Black Adam’s power surpasses them both. the Black adam the solo film, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, will detail how Shazam’s archenemy and diametrical opposite were born. Johnson, a former WWE Superstar known as “The Rock,” and currently Hollywood’s highest paid actor, will bring his unparalleled passion to the role he has long wanted, along with his superhuman physique. He regularly shares his fitness photos on Instagram in conjunction with the film, recently wearing a Black adam t-shirt, and reaffirming her character’s superiority, stating – “… The hierarchy of power in DC UNIVERSE is about to change. ”

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Sandberg, who is also responsible for leading the Shazam! suite, Shazam: the fury of the gods, had fun calling Johnson in his own Instagram post. Borrowing Johnson’s quote of “… The Hierarchy of Power…”, Sandberg posed playfully sporting his own title badge, though looking a lot less great. You can check out their posts below:

While there are no confirmed plans yet for when and where Shazam, played by Zachary Levi, and Johnson’s Black Adam will cross paths, Sandberg has said he would like to see that happen. Although having no direct involvement with the Black adam film, Sandberg maintains a romantic feud with the planned image, even tweeting a hilarious image poking fun at Black Adam’s costume last year. The two characters have faced each other before, with Superman in the mix, in the 2010 animation Superman / Shazam !: Black Adam Returns. In this feature, Black Adam was almost too much for “Man of Steel” and “Earth’s Mightiest Mortal” combined, lending more weight and validity to Johnson’s statement regarding DC’s balance of power. and its imminent arrival.

Is Black Adam Really As Strong As Johnson Claims? The continuing argument is that Black Adam is powered by magic, one of Superman’s most notable vulnerabilities. Although his abilities are on par with Shazam’s, Adam has had centuries more training and combat experience than either, which would arguably give him an extreme advantage. Only time will tell what his true abilities are, however, when Black adam hits theaters.

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