Seahawks’ Jamal Adams sets one-season record for most sacks by DB in win over Jets


In a game that was all but decided after the first quarter, the Seattle Seahawks topped the New York Jets 40-3 on Sunday.

It was a complete victory in all three phases, but a special cry is in order for Jamal Adams who broke a 15-year-old sack record for defensive backs in his first game against his former team.

“It’s a pretty cool feeling. When you got down to something because, I thought to myself and I told everyone last year when I failed with 6.5 sacks that I was going to break the record, some people thought that I was crazy, ”Adams told me. “Some people believed in me but the only thing that mattered was that I believed in myself and I knew I was going to break the record. Without my teammates, the coaches, nothing would have been possible. ”

As Adams casually noted, Pro Bowl safety tweeted in May, shortly before being traded to the Jets two months later, that he planned to surpass the eight sacks recorded by former Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson during the 2005 season.

With 7.5 sacks under his belt in Week 14, Adams’ moment, while perhaps not as thunderous as he would have liked, finally came early in the second quarter.

As former teammate Sam Darnold walked away from a collapsing pocket toward the left touchline, Adams charged toward him and took his hand on him as Darnold stepped out of bounds. He was credited for the bag on the coin, usurping Wilson as he had previously stated he would.

“My thanks go to the man above because I’ve been through a lot this year with the trade and the injuries,” Adams continued. “A lot of negative things talk about me but at the end of the day I have an amazing team… everyone is supporting me. On my bad days, they lift me up, vice versa, no matter what. . It’s just a big family. ”

Landing in Seattle seems like the best possible situation for the 25-year-old star after a tumultuous tenure for the Jets. Pete Carroll, who openly supported Adams from day one, said after the game that DB received a game ball for his efforts, although the team rarely distributes them.

“What a fantastic football player. And he hasn’t finished yet. He’s going to get more numbers before the end of the season, ”Carroll said, by Ben Arthur from SeattlePI.

Adams’ unique skills make it likely that he will add to his sack tally with three games remaining. Chances are, however, that none of these outperform the one he landed in New York City.


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