Scott Boras on MLB Finances, Bryant, A’s, Universal DH


Agent Scott Boras and MLB disagree on whether league teams have lost any money in the pandemic-cut, spectator-less 2020 season. Talk with Jon Heyman of the MLB Network and other journalists on Tuesday, Boras said the clubs “Loss of profits” last season, but they haven’t lost any money. By Heyman, a league spokesperson replied that “The clubs lost $ 3 million to $ 100 million per team.” It now appears that the league and the players are at odds for a few more months on whether to play a full schedule in 2021. MLB would like to postpone the season, which would mean a second straight shortened season. It would cost players money, so they’re currently not open to playing fewer than 162 games next year.
Boras, for his part, remains upset that the league teams have only played 60 games in 2020. “I was very disappointed not to have played at least 100 games, 120 games, in 2020”, he said (via Chris McCosky of the Detroit News). Boras is confident the league can return to their normal roster in the future, as he said: “We now know that we can play the game and that we can do it safely. And with the arrival of the vaccine, we can play it at an even higher level of safety. It is not about whether we can do it. We already have. This stranger has been erased.

Boras, always candid, had a lot more to say in his discussion with the media. Here are some other highlights …

  • Boras claimed that the small budget Athletics will need “An insurrection of a small sum of money” in order to maintain success, and they can’t just count on a potential new stadium for that, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Susan Slusser is relaying. This “insurrection” does not seem to come this offseason. According to Slusser, the As’s told agents they didn’t have much to spend, which is particularly alarming for a team facing the losses of several key free agents (Marcus seeds, Liam hendriks and Tommy La Stella are among them). In better news for the club, Boras announced that the third baseman Matt Chapman has been cleared for increased activity and should be ready for spring training. Chapman underwent hip surgery in September, when Boras said it would take 12 to 16 weeks for him to recover.
  • Good that Small third baseman / outfielder Kris Bryant has been the subject of trade rumors this offseason, Boras seems to have a feeling he will stick with the squad for another year, par Heyman. On Bryant’s future, Boras said (via Mark Gonzales du Chicago Tribune): “This issue will probably be very clearly addressed at the end of 21, as we’re going to find out a lot more about what Jed (Hoyer) wants to do, and also how to maintain Kris Bryant’s excellence in a baseball uniform. ” The Cubs would sell low on the former MVP, who is expected to receive a projected salary of $ 18.6 million in his final team-testing season. Many clubs may deem this too rich after Bryant endured unusual struggles last season.
  • Likewise, Boras doesn’t expect the Rays to trade southpaw Blake Snell.
  • MLB introduced the Universal Designated Hitter in 2020, but even with free agency underway, there has been no official word on his return next year. Boras pleaded for him to return and attempted to respond to the lack of clarity in the commissioner’s office, saying: “Maybe in the commissioner’s office, the DH can stand up to drag his heels.” He also believes that it is ” absolutely necessary “ to make the league stick with expanded rosters (via Tyler Kepner du New York Times and Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register).


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