Saultite channels Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump in new role


Trish Rainone returns to the small screen as a tough, funny inmate in a women’s prison

Trish Rainone leans on Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump for her latest role in soon-to-be-released sitcom The pink is in it.
The saultite and seasoned actor / producer spoke to SooToday recently.

“It’s a girl’s comedy set in a women’s prison,” she said. “I play Top Dog”

Her friend and show producer Lisa Crawford is playing her muscle, her sidekick.

“Top Dog is a selfish person,” Rainone said. “She uses bullying to get to the top. ”

Rainone said she was looking for people with confident and arrogant demeanor to inspire her Top Dog portrait, but the character was surprisingly complex.

“‘It’s a dog-eater-dog world in there,” I thought. What would it be like to be a place where you had to elevate yourself or enjoy it? ” , She says. “It was a lot of fun and the writing is so funny! ”

Featured cast members include the fabulous and funny Elley-Ray Hennessy (My little Pony) as prison warden Morgan Dungworth and veteran Canadian actress Margaret Lamarre as Ol ‘Granny BJ, a former morning movie idol. Jon Welch (No easy days) plays the handsome prison guard Jigz Festerson while Eileen Li (Jack Ryan) plays a fugitive convict. Trish Rainone (My roommate is an escort) appears as the inmate known as Top Dog while Clyde Phillips Sr. (Rookie blue) depicts the sleeping guard Goodman. One of the series’ lead writers, Kim Lombard, as prison CEO Pip Barnett rounds out the key cast.

Rainone took a hiatus from 180 Sisterhood Productions, the broadcasting and media production company she and Rebeka Herron co-founded in Sault Ste. Marie to film The pink is in last summer in Hamilton.

Herron, from Vancouver, worked with Rainone on My roommate is an escort and decided to move to the Sault. The duo have taken up the torch of local production for large and small screens.

They are producing a film that was shot locally this summer, several commercials and a comedy series.

Recently they kicked off the first annual Sault Film Festival and work is underway on another feature film.

Rainone says she is very happy to be back at the Sault.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in Toronto making connections and gaining experience,” she said. “Now I can also stay home and audition for roles out of town. It’s a much more balanced life. ”

She also promotes the film industry in Sault, spending time outdoors and with her family.

Catch the first season of My roommate is an escort for free on YouTube, watch the second season on SeekaTV and watch The pink is in to be released in January on Bell Fibe TV1.


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