Santa’s reindeer, elves immune to COVID-19: Kenney


EDMONTON – Premier of Alberta announces news from the North Pole: Santa’s elves and reindeer are immune to COVID-19.
However, Mr. and Mrs. Claus do not wear masks and, on the advice of Alberta’s top doctor Deena Hinshaw, Santa Claus wrote in a letter to Jason Kenney on Sunday.

Santa Claus reassured the Premier by saying that despite “everything being so different this year”, he would still slip presents down the chimneys of all Albertans.

“You can count on that. ”

The letter mirrored the message the Government of Alberta had conveyed in recent weeks as it struggled to gain control of the pandemic. A week earlier, the province announced its toughest restrictions to date, banning most activity among people outside a household and other capacity limits for businesses.

Officials have warned Albertans to prepare for a holiday season like no other.

Santa’s letter to Kenney says, “I know a lot has changed. You don’t see your friends as much as before. Your sports teams and other activities have been canceled. And you probably miss grandma and grandpa a lot. But none of this will stop the North Pole team from making sure all the good boys and girls in Alberta have a wonderful Christmas. ”

Before signing, Santa Claus wrote, “Thank you for cherishing this Christmas with your closest family members.

“And children, don’t forget to listen to your parents. ”

He asked them to leave the hand sanitizer with the cookies this year.

“Santa is absolutely right,” Kenney commented, adding that Christmas is all about spending time with loved ones, even virtually.

The video is the second released by the Kenney government in a week on the coronavirus; Alberta posted “Covid Loves Parties” on Friday in which a character with a sprouted face moves around a party, dancing and eating common food as they go.

The province reported 22 deaths and 1,717 new cases of COVID-19 on Sunday.


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