Saanich Peninsula Hospital COVID-19 outbreak reaches 20 cases


VICTORIA – Another staff member at Saanich Peninsula hospital has tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total number of people infected in the outbreak to 10 staff and 10 patients.
Island Health confirmed the new positive test in a statement Wednesday as the hospital is in the middle of its third week of the outbreak.

First declared on December 1, the epidemic would be confined to the acute care areas of the hospital. New patients in acute care are not admitted at this time.

Health officials say no new source of transmission has been identified at the hospital since the outbreak was detected.

Acute care patients are closely monitored for symptoms, and staff and patient testing is ongoing.

Ambulatory laboratory services were moved to the Keating Cross Road health authority laboratory during the outbreak.

Other outpatient services, including medical imaging and day surgery, continue at the hospital.

Previously, the most recent cases associated with the outbreak at Saanich hospital were added on Monday, when a staff member and a patient tested positive for the coronavirus.


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