Royal family bound by strict ‘put it up and shut up’ rule as backlash mounts on Crown | Royal | News


Royal commentator Russell Myers and TalkRadio host Kevin O’Sullivan agreed that Netflix values ​​the publicity due to the controversy over their royal family drama The Crown. While on Talkradio, Mr O’Sullivan dubbed the Netflix cowards, saying the streaming giant knew the royals likely wouldn’t retaliate with legal action. He said the royal family were bound by protocol not to engage in significant criticism or mockery.

He noted that they were often expected to “shut up and get along” unlike other families who might sue for unfair portrayals.
Mr. O’Sullivan said: “This is not a documentary and yet people take it seriously.

“People say, ‘Does writer Peter Morgan know he got these conversations right?’

“Well, of course, no, he wasn’t there when they were performing.

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“But it seems we have to stress that this is fiction. ”

The radio host has revealed what he finds most frustrating about Netflix’s deceptive drama.

He said, “I think it’s pretty loose, this production, because you can only do that to a living family like the royal family.

“If they were in normal life, any family would sue Netflix for The Crown.

“Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden is going to write to Netflix and I imagine his letter will be quite short,

“I imagine Netflix doesn’t care and they absolutely do.

“There are 30 million people who have watched it already, apparently 80 million people will be watching it before Christmas and there are two more series in the offerings. ”


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