Rodney Ascher’s latest heads to Sundance


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Rodney Ascher is one of the most exciting documentary filmmakers working today. In movies like Room 237 and The nightmare, he put logic aside and allowed Kubrick’s conspiracy theorists and sleep paralysis to unravel their obsessions, however far-fetched they may be. The emphasis is not on proving any idea given, but highlighting the spiral of the mind, the mythologies we create then cling to. Rest assured, then, that when we tell you that his new movie is about people who think we are living in a computer simulation, Ascher himself is not. also make this argument. He amuses her, however.

A glitch in the matrix should debut at Sundance Film Festival 2021, and a synopsis promises “contemporary cultural touchstones like The matrix, interviews with real people wrapped in digital avatars and a wide range of voices, experts and amateurs. ”

And here’s Ascher himself: “The film was an incredible opportunity to engage in big ideas and explore animation and sci-fi inspired imagery on the biggest canvas I’ve ever had. eue, so I’m thankful that we’re in such good hands to release it to the world. . “

Watch the trailer below, preferably while getting high:

A glitch in the matrix arrives on February 21, after its premiere at Sundance.

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