Record Toronto COVID-19 cases as ‘stark warning’: Medical Officer of Health


Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Dr Eileen de Villa calls a second consecutive day of record-breaking COVID-19 cases a “stark warning” that must be heeded to stop the spread of the virus.
The province earlier reported 727 new cases for Toronto, but in an update later Tuesday, de Villa brought that number to 761.

“This figure represents a new record for a second consecutive day in the city,” she said in a statement. “Today’s tally of cases is a stark warning. COVID-19 continues to spread easily and widely. ”

De Villa said research into COVID-19 data in the city shows that one in 5 infected people, or 21%, confirmed that people were on their way to their home or entered someone else’s home, where there were 10 people or less during which time they contracted the infection.

Other findings among those infected in Toronto:

  • 21% indicated that their spouse or partner was the source of the disease
  • 16 percent identified a friend as the source of the illness
  • 16 percent identified a colleague as the source of the illness.

In total, 35 percent of cases reporting close contact indicated that their close contact with known cases was only non-family contact. This underlines the tips for keeping in touch within your home, ”says the De Villa release.


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