Ravens’ playoff odds vary, but beating Browns is crucial


Is Cowboy Defense the next cause for concern with the Browns?

After the Ravens rushed for 294 yards in their 17-point win over the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday night, Ian Rapoport de NFL Network describes Baltimore’s offensive performance as “a categorical statement.”

Conversely, did the Ravens ‘defense make a different statement by allowing the Cowboys’ offense to gain nearly 400 yards, its highest total since Week 5, when Dak Prescott was the starting quarterback? ?

James Jones of the NFL Network said the Ravens should be worried about their defense ahead of Monday night’s game against the Cleveland Browns, who have gained 459 and 458 total yards in their last two games.

The Browns have the offense in League No. 2 run, led by Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt, both of whom have a 1,000-yard shot chance this season (and that’s with Chubb missing four games). Quarterback Baker Mayfield just finished a game in which he threw four touchdowns and posted a season-high 147.0 quarterback rating in a 41-35 win over the Tennessee Titans.

“This Ravens defense hasn’t slowed down the Cowboys at all, neither in the running game nor in the passing game,” Jones said. “You have Kareem Hunt, you have Nick Chubb coming into the building and they are ready to go to work. They watched the tape. … You see the holes that [Ezekiel Elliott] is running. You see wide open receivers on the football field.

“The Baltimore Ravens defense looked bad, and if they don’t [the Browns] Coming over there after the first quarter the little brothers are going to look on the sidelines like, “Us big dogs now. They can’t stop us. We’re going to keep pushing that bullet through their throats. ”


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