Queen’s Christmas speech recording reportedly delayed by Brexit deadlock | The Queen


Buckingham Palace has refused to deny reports the Queen is delaying the recording of her Christmas speech until a decision on a Brexit deal is made.

The monarch typically films the annual speech from early to mid-December, but reportedly postponed recording until next week due to uncertainty over the UK’s future relationship with the EU, past the deadline for a agreement.

However, another deadline for trade talks with the bloc has now been missed, after both sides agreed to “go the extra mile” on Sunday and resume negotiations in Brussels. As Boris Johnson downplayed expectations, asking ministers to prepare for a no-deal exit when the transition period ends in three weeks, the European Commission said “progress has been made” and “the next few days will be important ”.

A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace told The Guardian that the reports, published in the Daily Mail, were “a load of speculation which we would not give any credibility to by commenting.” The shooting date was set a few weeks ago ”.

Last year, the monarch used her annual Christmas message to recognize a “pretty bumpy” path through a turbulent year for the monarchy and the nation. Among the 2019 controversies, Prince Philip faced a police investigation into a car crash in which two women were injured and Prince Andrew resigned from public office after the fallout from an interview over his friendship with the convicted juvenile sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. This year, the monarch will inevitably discuss the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on the UK.


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