Promo Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya is back, Salman Khan scolds him for leaving the series and “running away”


Singer Rahul Vaidya, who had left the ongoing Bigg Boss 14, will return to Bigg Boss in Sunday’s episode, a promotional video for the show has revealed. Show host Salman Khan will be seen grilling Rahul over his decision.

In the clip, Rahul can be seen on stage with Salman as the Bollywood actor questions Rahul’s decision to quit the show. Salman asked Rahul why his fans even trusted him now after betraying them last week.

Rahul insisted that it was only because of his love for his parents that he walked away, adding that he had to “hold their hands”. An angry Salman said to him: “Aap hi ko apne family se pyaar hai? Humein nahi hai? Aap keh rahe hain ki yaha baaki connexion ko apne parivar se pyaar nahi, ya unhein miss nahi karte (Are you the only one around you who loves their family? Don’t we love our parents and our family? saying that the other candidates don’t love their families enough)?

Salman also said that Rahul also betrayed his fans. “Wo apke upar kaise trust karenge jinhone aapko votes kiye the jitane ke liye lekin aap show chor ke bhaag gae (how are they going to trust you who voted for you and you gave them up and ran away from the show)? Rahul said, “Please don’t call it leaking!” They will understand my love for my parents.

However, Salman was not in the mood to listen and told him, “Of course he was running away. You quit and you ran away from my show.

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Rahul had left the show last weekend, shortly after Kavita Kaushik walked out of the house when given the chance. A moved Rahul had claimed that he missed his family so much that he would like to leave. However, reports claimed that he could not bear the burden of waiting for a response to his proposal to Disha Parmar. He had proposed to Disha to get married on her birthday, during the show. However, there has been no response from his side in the public domain. Disha insisted she sent her response to Rahul, but no such disclosure was made to the show’s singer.

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