Program offers incentives to get rid of old wood stoves – Vernon News


Residents of the North Okanagan are urged to get rid of “old smoke” in favor of high-performance wood-burning models.

The province provided $ 270,000 for the 2020-2021 woodstove exchange program and the Lavington Life Society – Coldstream / Lumby / Cherryville – received $ 8,600 of this funding.

The program encourages people to modernize their old stoves, which will improve air quality.

“This program has been very successful in encouraging people to switch entirely to cleaner wood stoves or different technologies,” said George Heyman, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Strategy.

Burning wood creates significant air pollution by increasing particles in the air that can cause health problems.

The trade-in program reduces local air pollution by helping people trade in old wood stoves for cleaner heat sources, such as electric heat pumps, gas or pellet stoves or new certified wood stoves. emissions.

Eligible residents can apply for the following incentives:

  • $ 250 to upgrade to a cleaner wood stove;
  • $ 400 to switch to an eligible electric heat pump, gas or propane stove or pellet stove; and
  • $ 500 for those who live in “red zone” communities. These are areas where fine particles exceed Canadian ambient air quality standards. Residents can use the money to change for a heat pump, gas or propane stove, or pellet stove.

The annual program has helped replace some 9,000 stoves with cleaner options.

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