Prince Harry warned to ‘get lost’ with Meghan Markle during awards to rival Royal Famil | Royal | News


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry plan to release a list of honors with their Archewell charity, The Sun reported over the weekend. This prompted a backlash from some royal fans who accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of trying to compete for the Queen’s Honor Roll. Meghan and Harry have since responded to the claims and have insisted their list of honors was not meant to compete with that of the Queen.

Commentator Darren Grimes reflected on this on his Reasoned YouTube channel and warned Prince Harry must be careful not to get lost in these new ventures with his wife Meghan.
Mr Grimes said: ‘Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have retained their royal titles and privileges and are using them to suggest that they can bestow honors on people as if they themselves are the reigning monarchs of a nation.

“Prince Harry traded simple principles of duty to the Queen and the country.

“I’m sorry but they gave up their privileges and the monarchy and the last time I checked America doesn’t have any, so who do they think they should grant those privileges to.”

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“What honor system are they relying on here? ”

Mr Grimes then highlighted his concern that Prince Harry was starting to get lost.

He said, “They said they quit their royal duties for a more private life, my God, they have a funny way of doing it, don’t they.

“Prince Harry, I’m afraid people might just be lost to us.

“Most importantly, I think he’s starting to get lost for himself. ”

Mr Grimes added: ‘It’s clear to me that Meghan and Harry don’t want to be outdone.

“Now that they’ve said goodbye to their royal duties at home, they’ve decided to release their own honor system.

“Who does this royal couple think they are?” ”


Responding to criticism, Toya Holness, Archewell’s press secretary, said: “We look forward to sharing more about Archewell’s work in the coming weeks, but any suggestion that he is destined to compete with the list of British honors is false. ”

The Sun newspaper also claimed that Meghan and Harry will pay tribute to leaders in a wide range of areas close to their hearts, including mental health and the environment.

Businesses, charities and individuals might expect to be celebrated by the royal couple in their Archewell list of honors.


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