Prince Charles on screen avoids ‘scandalous’ fictional warning amid ‘Crown’ fiasco


“In my opinion, this is quite outrageous,” said Josh O’Connor who plays Prince Charles in “The Crown”

Josh O’Connor, trying out Prince Charles in Netflix drama The crown, criticized the British Minister of Culture Olivier Dowden for his proposal to qualify the show as “fiction”.

According to Josh, it’s just unnecessary.

“We were slightly disappointed with our Culture Secretary, whose job it is to encourage culture,” the British actor said in an interview for The envelope: the podcast.

“In my opinion, it’s quite outrageous that he came out and said what he said. In particular, at this time when he knows the arts are struggling and they’re on their knees, I think it’s a bit of a low blow, ”Josh shared with the Los Angeles Times.

He continued, “My personal point of view is that the public understands. You have to show them respect and understand that they are smart enough to see what it is, which is pure fiction. ”

Last month, the creators of The crown was criticized after British culture Oliver Dowden asked Netflix to put up a warning that the series was a work of fiction.

“As with other TV productions, Netflix should be very clear at first, that’s just it,” he shared. “Without this, I fear that a generation of viewers who have not experienced these events may take fiction for fact. ”


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