Places that could leave level 3 on December 16 – as coronavirus cases fall fastest in West Midlands


Coronavirus case rates have fallen the most in the West Midlands – there the figure is 158.4 per 100,000, down from 196.8 the week before.
In level two areas, there are drops in Worcester, which has a Covid-19 rate of 82.0, which was 153.1 last week.

The city has recorded 155 new cases, with Malvern Hills now at 61.0, up from 87.

Stoke-on-Trent now has a rate of 321.8, (825), down 419.3, (1075), with Newcastle-under-Lyme at 204.0, (264), down 407.1 .

In the West Midlands, Sandwell now has a rate of 211.3, (694), up from 406.5, (1,335), with Wolverhampton at 243.4, (641), up from 343.6 cases per 100,000 people.

Birmingham has a case rate of 191.4 (2,186), up from 339.8 (3,880), with Walsall at 194 and Coventry at 129.5 (481), down from 200.5 (745).

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Will Birmingham leave level 3?

It’s unlikely on December 16.

The latest rates as of December 9 suggest there could be a big move when the government reviews levels in six days.

There is speculation, amid the rate cut, that Birmingham and the West Midlands may soon be out of Level 3 restrictions.

But the first review on Dec. 16 could come too soon – with rates falling to lower levels elsewhere.

So where could level 3 come out?

Infection rates in many Tier 3 areas are dropping – including Greater Manchester, Hull and the North East – where they could finally move up to Tier 2.

Some have lowered more than others and we do not know how much the rates must fall for the government to lower them by one level.

London and Essex are among areas at risk of upgrading to Level 3 when the government reviews the lockdown system next week, the Mirror reports.

Swale, in Kent, has the country’s highest rates of 619.7 cases per 100,000, followed closely by Medway with 602.4.

When will the next exam take place?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed they will be weekly, but lifting the lockdown for Christmas will likely postpone the second review.

If it’s a Wednesday, it will probably be January 6th.


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