Pinterest settles $ 22.5 million sex discrimination lawsuit


But even though she was senior management, Ms Brougher said, she had been excluded from important meetings, received gender-specific feedback and was paid less than her male peers. She said she was released in April after talking about the treatment.

Along with her trial, she published a blog post titled “The Pinterest Paradox: Cupcakes and Toxicity,” describing her experience. She said the post sparked a wave of support and similar stories from other female tech executives.

That week, more than 200 Pinterest employees practically stepped out to support Ms Brougher, Ms Ozoma and Ms Shimizu Banks and to protest the culture and policies of Pinterest. Shortly after, Pinterest was also hit with shareholder lawsuits.

In response, Pinterest launched an investigation into its culture, the results of which have not been made public. She added two new members to its board of directors, Andrea Wishom and Salaam Coleman Smith, two prominent black and female media leaders. Pinterest chief financial officer Todd Morgenfeld, who was called into Ms Brougher’s discriminatory behavior lawsuit, remains with the company.

Ms Brougher said she was encouraged by Pinterest’s recent actions to address its culture, including the addition of the two new board members. She said she hoped Pinterest would do more than just put them on her board and “listen to their ideas as well.”

She added that discrimination against female executives would only be resolved when women “are more the norm than the exception” in executive roles. This year, the number of Fortune 500 companies with female CEOs reached a record high of 37, or 7%.

“I want more women to speak up,” Ms. Brougher said, “but more importantly, I want more women in the C-suite.


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