Piers Morgan’s son says to ‘shut the f up’ by Lord Sugar as Gerard Houllier argument escalates | Celebrity News | Showbiz and TV


Spencer Morgan, 27, was shocked by Lord Sugar’s comments that appeared to be ‘pop’ to his father Piers Morgan and were included in The Apprentice star’s Twitter tribute to Gerard Houllier. Yesterday, the business entrepreneur posted on Twitter noting that he was saddened by the death of the former Liverpool FC manager, and continued to question sarcastically if Piers would ‘devote half’ of Good Morning Britain to discuss how he knew the deceased star.

Lord Sugar typed in: “Sad news about Gérard Houllier. Nice boy.
“I can imagine that @piersmorgan will spend half @gmb show everyone how he knew him so well and go back in time. “(Sic)

Spencer replied, “Use a man’s death to pop someone else.” New stocking. ”

The Apprentice star didn’t leave the argument there, however, as he fired back in a scathing post.

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The entrepreneur was unhappy that Dan questioned his tribute, as he tried to emphasize that he was simply “ironic” with his statements.

Lord Sugar fumed, “May I suggest you have a life, relax, see the truth and irony in my commentary and mind your own business.” ”

Despite his justification for the tweet, Dan didn’t see the supposed “irony” as he referred to it as a “pantomime jab.”

The BBC Breakfast star shared: ‘You used an article about the death of a much respected and loved man to do a poorly timed pantomime jab.


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