Photo: Jaxson Ryker returns to WWE TV for the WWE Main Event


Jaxson Ryker returned to WWE TV during tonight’s pre-RAW Main event records.
Ryker appeared in an opening segment of the show with Elias, which was interrupted by WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. It looks like WWE paired up Elias and Ryker for the Main Event, and possibly RAW.

It was Ryker’s first WWE appearance since The Forgotten Sons was pulled from SmackDown amid a big push following pro-Trump comments he made on Twitter in late May. As previously reported on this link, former Ryker partners Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler were brought back to WWE TV during SmackDown last Friday on FOX, in a new alliance with King Baron Corbin. There had been some talk about the possibility of WWE releasing Ryker, but it looks like he may have a new home on the Red Mark.

Keith Lee vs. Angel Garza was also recorded for WWE this week Main event tonight. You can click here for spoilers from the recordings.

Stay tuned for more on Ryker’s return to WWE TV.

Here are some photos from tonight’s segment:


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