“People are angry! Trump turns on Mitch McConnell after key ally finally endorses Biden


In an early morning tweet, Mr. Trump shared a news article containing comments from his supporters criticizing the Kentucky lawmaker, who said Tuesday night that “the electoral college has spoken” in acknowledging Mr. Biden.

One of the comments on the article, re-tweeted by the outgoing president, 74, calls into question the allegiance of Mr. McConnell, born in Alabama, United States of America.
“Mitch McConnell, @senatemajldr is NOT a patriot,” read one of the comments. “Ask his wife. She knows, ”he adds, before going on to say that the 78-year-old lawmaker is“ ready to sell America to get what he wants ”.
Mr. McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, is a 67-year-old American politician who is the United States Secretary of Transportation. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan and immigrated to America in her youth.
The president in his message, which by Wednesday morning had been shared 17,000 times and liked by more than 60,000 Twitter accounts, told McConnell it was “too early to drop” the election.

Mr Trump continues to insist, without evidence, that he won the November 3 ballot, despite losing the EC vote and the popular vote to Mr Biden, who won some 80 million votes in a record year for turnout.

He and his legal team allege that widespread voter fraud took place in the election, but have yet to present any evidence. The Trump team has suffered a series of legal defeats – including in the Supreme Court – aimed at overturning the results in key battlefield states.

Some Trump insiders had previously suggested that the EC vote on December 14 could mark the beginning of the end of the president’s desperate attempt to cling to power.

And the vote appears to have marked a change in the Republican Party’s willingness to continue to please the defeated incumbent president and his false claims that the election was “stolen.”

Some Congressional Republicans, who for weeks refused to recognize Mr. Biden as president, now publicly acknowledge his victory.

Mr McConnell joined his No.2 in the Senate, John Thune, in congratulating Mr Biden on his victory. “It’s time for everyone to move on,” said the South Dakota lawmaker.

Despite seemingly waning support among senior GOP officials, Mr. Trump continues to enjoy the support of a substantial number of House officials and some senators who benefited from Trump’s votes in the election.

Almost two-thirds of House Republicans and 19 attorneys general supported a lawsuit against Trump filed in Texas earlier, asking local officials not to recognize Mr. Biden’s victories in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and the United States. Wisconsin.
Although the Supreme Court dismissed the case last week, the 126 lawmakers who backed it point to the president’s continued influence over the party.
Mr. Trump, who some say could play the role of “shadow president” for the next four years, won the votes of almost half of the American electorate in the election.

And the President has repeatedly reminded GOP lawmakers in recent weeks who have spoken out against him over increasing the share of the vote.
“Mitch, 75,000,000 VOTES, a record for a sitting president (by many),” Trump wrote in Wednesday morning’s tweet. “Too early to give up. The Republican Party must finally learn to fight. People are angry! ” he added.
Despite the lack of a road, the Trump team continues to insist that it will challenge the election results.

As Republicans began to more openly discuss a Biden presidency, Mr. Trump vowed to move things forward with almost non-existent legal options.
“Huge evidence is pouring in on electoral fraud. There has never been anything like it in our country! Mr Trump tweeted as his party members publicly acknowledged Mr Biden’s victory.


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