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Paul Merson believes Paul Pogba would have been aware of Mino Raiola’s statement about his happiness at Man Utd, and urged the Frenchman to ‘go play snooker’ if he wanted the game to center around him.

Pogba’s agent says he ‘needs a change of scenery’ and Manchester United should consider offloading him or face the prospect of losing him on a free transfer as he doesn’t have the intends to extend his current contract.

Merson believes the statement will have come in light of a team showing interest in Pogba with Raiola, and says things haven’t worked out at Old Trafford because United don’t dominate games and can’t make them. the center of attention.

Football is not suitable? Go play pool!

The writing appears to be on the wall for Pogba at Manchester United

In light of Raiola saying that Pogba “can’t seem to express himself the way he wants” at Old Trafford, Merson insists that Pogba is part of a team and that he should play an individual sport. he wants glory.

“Raiola says the style of football doesn’t suit him. He plays in a soccer team. He’s not a snooker player. He plays with 10 other players. You join a team.

“It’s not like Man Utd are the most defensive team you’ve ever seen. Look at Tottenham! I can’t hear Harry Kane and Son moaning. Go play pool if you want everything to be for you.

Mino Raiola said Pogba had not been able to ‘express himself’ the way he wanted

“He knew the statement was going to come out. He’s his agent. He could play the fool, he could turn around and say he didn’t know, but of course he does. He will also know that there is a club interested in him. Raiola would have done it. talked to a club that is interested in Paul Pogba.

“They’re not going to laugh at themselves saying, ‘Paul wants to go’ and then no one comes looking for him. Everything is already settled on Pogba’s side!

“An agent does not come to say that a player wants to leave without interest there. Pogba knows very well what his agent is doing: Raiola has a club for him. You keep hearing about Ronaldo coming back to Man Utd – this could He shouted – Pogba for Ronaldo? ”

Why he didn’t click for Pogba

Paul Pogba took part in all three matches for France during the recent international break
Merson believes Pogba can’t dominate games for Man Utd like he can for France or Juventus

Merson continued, “It didn’t really work out for him. The guy can play, I saw him at Juventus and with France you don’t win a World Cup if you can’t play.

“When he played for Juventus, they dominated every football game they played. They had 70% of the ball, and you’re going to hit it 40, 50 times more than at Man Utd, so you’re going to do three or four more good things in a game.

“When you have that much talent and you hit the ball 100 times, you’re going to shake things up. But not everything goes through Paul Pogba. Man Utd don’t dominate games like Juventus did, and that means they are under great pressure to get things going.

“It’s confidence. We can all say, “Is Paul Pogba that good? Everything is confidence, the boy can play, but we never talk about his confidence.

“Is Bruno Fernandes a better player than Paul Pogba? Technically no. But for now, he’s watching it. He plays with absolute freedom, all the confidence in the world. ”

“Some places just don’t work for people. There is always a ‘fit’ for a player, where you love your football, but with Pogba, from day one it doesn’t feel right. ”

Carra: Pogba is not worth it

Paul Pogba is training with Manchester United ahead of their Champions League fixture with RB Leipzig.


Jamie Carragher believes Paul Pogba will be fully aware of what his agent Mino Raiola is saying and believes Manchester United should get rid of him if possible.

Speaking during Monday night football, Jamie Carragher called Pogba and Raiola “ashamed” and urged Manchester United to move the Frenchman at the first opportunity.

“Get rid of it. I’ve been saying this for 12 months. He is the most overrated player I have ever seen in my life. I think both are a shame. We’ll all blame the agent now and say, “Ask Pogba – what’s he thinking?

“Agents these days are not just agents. They are parents, they are best friends, they are financial advisors, they book vacations, they go together.

“He’ll be Pogba’s best mate, so Pogba will be well aware of what’s going to come out of his mouth – and if he wasn’t, he should fire his agent.” It’s very simple. That’s all that has to happen.

Mino Raiola dit Paul Pogba


Dharmesh Sheth reports that Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola has said the French midfielder is “unhappy” at Manchester United and is due to leave the club during the summer transfer window.

“With Cristiano Ronaldo at United, we always talked that he was going to go to Real Madrid and almost everyone knew he was going to go to Madrid at some point.

“Man United had to put up with it because it was worth it. Pogba is not worth the trouble. Get rid of him. “
The problem for United, Carragher said, will be finding a suitable suitor for the 27-year-old.

“There is no way in the world that Real Madrid or Barcelona will buy it,” he added.

“I was already flabbergasted today with Arsenal’s performance, but I would be flabbergasted again if they came in their place. I wouldn’t go anywhere near him. ”

“One step forward, two steps back for Pogba”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer shares joy over United return with Pogba
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer shares joy over United return with Pogba

Analysis the Ben Grounds the Sky Sports:

Mino Raiola’s latest use of the media to alert suitors to Paul Pogba’s availability is noticeable in his timing. Less than a month away from the January transfer window and less than 48 hours after the midfielder produced his first decent 45 minutes in a Manchester United shirt this season.

Pogba, along with his teammates, had been dismal against West Ham in the first half. But a fluke tipped the game in favor of United – Dean Henderson’s clearance appearing to take over the game leading to Pogba’s beautiful first time on Bruno Fernandes’ pass.

This sparked a purple 13-minute stretch for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side with Pogba in the foreground. In the end, he had made more touches (121) and made more passes (91) than any other player.

Pogba showed his talent in United's 3-1 win at West Ham
Pogba showed his talent in United’s 3-1 win at West Ham

But what should have caused spectators to reconsider their take on Pogba’s worth from that United side – and his value to be included from the start of Tuesday night’s pivotal Champions League meeting with RB Leipzig – a been eclipsed by his agent’s latest explosion.

At the London Stadium, evidence glittered against dissidents – including Jamie Carragher – that Pogba and Fernandes couldn’t play together. The Portuguese passed to Pogba seven times – more than any other team-mate – while Pogba only made more passes to Aaron Wan-Bissaka (15) than the 11 he inflicted on Fernandes.

That should have sparked the debate again over whether the pair can form United’s midfielder two-thirds three, but the focus is more on an old agenda.

The 2018 World Cup winner has been in good shape for some time after ankle surgery earlier this year, as well as a positive Covid test, but has grown into a small player at United.

France manager Didier Deschamps explained last month that the 27-year-old “could not be happy” with his situation at the club, a week after the player himself admitted his “stupid mistake” in conceding the penalty that sentenced United to a first home defeat at Arsenal since 2006.

Pogba’s talent is unmistakable, fleetingly returning to West Ham, but throughout his second stint at Old Trafford it has been the story of one step forward, two steps back.


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