Patch survey: will you take the coronavirus vaccine?


NEW YORK – With 170,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine set to arrive in New York on December 15, a development announced the day the UK became the first Western country to let it use, Patch wants to know: would you take it ?

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday described the largest government operation in generations, an operation he says will end the devastating pandemic.

The state is expected to receive doses of the Pfizer vaccine this month, along with another from Moderna, he said. Front-line healthcare workers and the elderly in long-term facilities will be the first to benefit, the governor said.

The Pfizer vaccine was approved by the UK on Wednesday, making it the first Western country to start using it.

Cuomo spoke of widespread skepticism about the speed of vaccine deployment and its safety. Questions have also been raised about the role of politics in its development, with the vaccine becoming a hot topic during presidential campaigns.

But experts predict it could result in up to 80% immunity to the virus by next summer.

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