OPP agent charged with fraud after Wayne Gretzky memorabilia theft investigation


Ontario Provincial Police officer faces fraud charges after an investigation into the theft of Wayne Gretzky memorabilia from the home of the hockey legend’s father.
Police said a three-month investigation into the theft also uncovered suspected fraud involving a Gretzky hockey stick.

An OPP spokesperson says Insp. June Dobson faces fraud charges in this case.

Staff Sgt Carolle Dionne says Dobson was already on unbound paid leave when the charges were announced Tuesday.

Police in Brantford, Ont., Announced that they had arrested a 58-year-old man in Oakville, Ont., And a 58-year-old woman in Brockville, Ont., But did not name them.

The arrests came after an investigation into the theft of approximately US $ 500,000 of memorabilia from Walter Gretzky’s home.

The theft investigation also revealed fraud

Brantford Police said during the investigation they found evidence that someone – unrelated to the theft – committed fraud involving a Gretzky hockey stick.

“There was a misrepresentation of a piece of memorabilia, and as a result of that, was sold fraudulently,” said Staff Sgt. Keith Tollar Wednesday.

Dobson, who was the Detachment Commander of the Grenville OPP Detachment, Ontario, faces charges of fraud over $ 5,000 and breach of trust.

The man from Oakville, still unknown, is charged with Theft Over $ 5,000 and Possession Over $ 5,000.

The two indicted were “friends of the family” and the items were taken away for several months, said Tollar, who was the lead investigator in the case.

“There was no break and enter, there was no violence against Walter or the family,” he said.

Police say they believe many of the missing items were likely sold to collectors across Canada.

Hockey gloves and pants worn by the game were among the stolen items, police said. (Brantford Police Department)

Tollar said collectors need to exercise due diligence when purchasing rare items.

“The message we try to send to the people who buy these unique high-end items… is the buyer, beware. ”

Investigators executed three search warrants in Alberta and two in Ontario and recovered memorabilia, including hockey sticks, jerseys and a player of the year award that belonged to Wayne Gretzky.

The items were “unique keepsakes that were given by Wayne to Walter,” Toller said.

The family cooperated with the investigation, he said, and were “extremely happy” to see the memories returned.

“From being born and raised in Brantford and knowing the amount of charitable work Walter Gretzky has done, not only locally but also nationally, I think every member of the team was happy to hand over the articles to Walter, ”Tollar said.

“He’s known as Canada’s most beloved father of hockey, so we were just happy to bring those memories back to their place. ”

Police say the investigation is ongoing.


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