Online calculator can tell you your risk of Covid-19


The new tool uses algorithms to analyze factors such as age, ethnicity, and any pre-existing health conditions to determine the likelihood of death if the virus is contracted, as Covid-19 has been shown to affect people. people differently.

“The tool provides an individualized risk assessment of mortality from Covid-19 using the best publicly available information on the risks associated with various predisposing factors,” the website explains.
The calculator, which is intended for use by people in the United States who are not currently infected, begins by asking users to enter their age, zip code, race or ethnicity to which they are. identify the most, the sex assigned at birth and their size. And weight.
The tool then asks individuals to indicate whether they have smoked, before asking users if they have been diagnosed with pre-existing conditions such as asthma, hypertension or diabetes.
After answering the questions, the calculator identifies a person’s risk category in one of the following categories: near or below average, moderately high, substantially high, high or very high.
To continue to accurately determine a level of risk, the calculator is updated weekly to incorporate statistics at the community and state level, giving users a broader view.
“People can broadly understand that with a pre-existing condition like obesity or diabetes, for example, they are at a higher risk, but with our calculator they should be able to understand their risk in a way that takes into account several factors, “Professor Nilanjan Chatterjee, lead author of the study and Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Biostatistics and Genetic Epidemiology, said in a statement.
According to the researchers, who presented the tool in an article published in the journal Nature medicine, the calculator could also be essential in determining who gets the vaccine first – by identifying those with the highest risk of death.


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