Ole Gunnar Solskjaer performs behind-the-scenes Man Utd reshuffle with trusted staff


Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has had a behind-the-scenes reshuffle at Manchester United.
Mark Dempsey, United boss Solskjaer’s longtime assistant, has returned from his first-team role to a role in the academy.

Dempsey, 56, is one of Solskjaer’s most tried and trusted lieutenants after working with him in Cardiff and Molde and also made headlines after falling ill during the club’s tour of Australia in 2019 while he was on leave for a few months.

United’s first-team staff have been heavy with four assistants and three goalkeepers so maybe that’s one way to cut back.

But it was obvious to those who knew that Solskjaer seemed to speak a lot more to Mike Phelan on the sideline during the Manchester derby last weekend than he has in recent times and perhaps down a proven and reliable path.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer leans more on Mike Phelan for advice

The pressure never leaves Solskjaer, but while United are still in the title race – and they really are – and in the top four, then it’s hard to see the hierarchy in action.

Mauricio Pochettino is the obvious replacement and he’s biding his time for United – but can’t wait forever.

Everton also had a mini reshuffle with David Unsworth, Joel Waldron, Leighton Baines and John Ebbrell all firmly part of the furniture.

Unsworth will combine his roles as Academy Director and Under-23 coach, Baines is growing to be a professional stage development coach for 18-23 and young first-team players. Ebbrell is responsible for the training of the academy and also assistant of the under 23 years.


Gareth Southgate has long been concerned about the lack of opportunities for England players in the Premier League.

But the outlook is even worse for top English managers – and statistics from the top five leagues over the past ten years show that Prem is the worst in Europe at giving local bosses a chance.

A detailed analysis by RunRepeat of 877 different managerial periods in 18,260 match leagues in the Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga and Serie A shows that England bosses have only supported 27% of matches.

Serie A is at the other end of the scale, with Italian managers taking charge of 87% of league games. The Premier League is also the most diverse with managers from 22 different countries during this period, while Italy only recruited 12.

English managers remain in disgrace in Europe despite Allardyce’s return

Report author Vyom Chaudhary said: “Our analysis proves the old adage that local managerial talent does not have enough Premier League opportunities.

“England managers have managed only 27 percent of all games over the past decade – the lowest representation of domestic managerial talent among five leagues by a considerable margin. In total, 29 English executives held 46 different jobs.

“It’s pretty obvious from the numbers above that Premier League clubs are more diverse in their approach to recruiting managers. However, local managerial talent has less preference in the Premier League compared to other leagues.

At least, Sam Allardyce, having another chance at West Brom might raise the numbers slightly …

Full report here.


Tottenham, like many clubs, has security software that reports “profanity or credit card information” in emails.

Ironically, an email from an anti-discrimination group to a club manager containing the word “yid” was blocked because it was considered blasphemy.

Several pressure groups, including Action Against Discrimination, are calling for the word to be banned by Tottenham because it is deeply offensive to some Jewish fans.

Tottenham listen and consult with their fans – and now even their own software has flagged it as “profanity”.


The timing of West Brom’s decision to sack Slaven Bilic to bring in Sam Allardyce is perhaps the most baffling part of the first Premier League leadership change of the season.

However, one theory could be that there is serious interest in the club and it has already been reported that majority shareholder Guochuan Lai has held talks with interested parties.

Not having backed Bilic in the last transfer window, the writing was on the wall, but a Premier League club is a much more attractive proposition than buying a league team.

West Brom barred some media organizations from attending Allardyce’s virtual unveiling because they were critical of the club. The idea that they would not be criticized for sacking a manager who promoted them and a draw at Manchester City …


Barcelona legend Eric Abidal has sent a wonderful message of support to Norwich youngster Shae Hutchinson after the 20-year-old underwent a kidney transplant.

Hutchinson, 20, suffers from an inherited condition called Alport syndrome and is recovering after a second operation.

But Abidal did his best to cheer Hutchinson up with a social media post: “The road is long and patience will be the key. Always think positive because that’s 50% of the win. Strength and courage to you Shae.

Former French star Abidal, who won 13 trophies during a glorious career at Barcelona, ​​underwent a liver transplant in April 2012 after a tumor was discovered a year earlier and he recovered to to play.


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