Officials increasingly alarmed by Trump’s takeover


Senior officials in the Trump administration are increasingly alarmed that President Trump could unleash – and abuse – government power in a bid to overturn the clear election result.
Why is this important: These officials tell me that Trump is spending too much time with people they think of as nutcases or conspiracy theorists and flirting with blatant abuse of power.

  • There are 32 days left before the inauguration of President-elect Biden.

The big picture: Their fears include Trump’s interest in former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s crazy talks about martial law; an idea has floated from an executive order to requisition the voting machines; and the specter of Sidney Powell, the conspiratorial-spitting election lawyer, securing government power and a high-level security clearance.

A senior administrative official he told me that when Trump “retweets threats to put politicians in jail, and spends his time talking to conspiratorial freaks who openly say that declaring martial law isn’t a big deal, there’s no way you can’t start talking about it. ‘worry about how this ends’.

  • “People who are worried and nervous are not the fragile bureaucrats we hate,” the official added. “These are people who have arguably endured more madness and chaos than any administration official in history. “

At the Friday meeting, First reported by The New York Times, Trump discussed making Powell a special advocate for electoral fraud.

  • The ideas included requisitioning the voting machines, with Powell as a special advisor to inspect the machines, according to a source close to the meeting.
  • White House lawyer Pat Cipollone and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows “have vigorously opposed the ideas put forward by Sidney Powell,” the source said.
  • The meeting included Flynn, who was pardoned by Trump in November and is a celebrity with Trump supporters refusing the election.


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