NYC hospitalizations nearly triple in a month; Cuomo warns of tougher shutdowns – NBC New York


What there is to know

  • The first vaccine was given to an intensive care nurse in Queens on Monday as meals inside New York City closed for the second time since the start of the pandemic.
  • Other restrictions are also on the table; the governor has launched new yellow zones in parts of the state and warned: “We could head to the stop” if the current trajectory does not change
  • Hospitalization rates have increased almost everywhere in New York State, as a result of the latest nationwide flood of cases. Cuomo reported more than 300 new admissions on Monday

The ban on indoor dining at New York City restaurants went into effect Monday and the potential for tougher closings looms as officials try to slow the resurgence of the coronavirus.

The crackdown, announced last week by Governor Andrew Cuomo, is a blow to a struggling industry that has made the city a culinary capital. New York City has about 24,000 restaurants and owners have warned of layoffs and closings if they limit themselves to take out and al fresco dining this winter.

Last week, the 21 Club in Midtown Manhattan, a favorite of the power elite for nearly a century, announced that it was closing indefinitely due to the pandemic.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday he sympathizes with restaurateurs and workers, but noted the increase in cases and hospitalizations. More than 1,700 patients were hospitalized in the city with COVID-19 infections over the weekend, almost triple the number a month ago.

“We have to bring this industry back. We need to bring back the restaurants we love. But it will take time, and in the meantime we have to stay safe because this second wave is very, very real, ”de Blasio said during his press briefing.

Daily percentage of positive tests by New York region

Governor Andrew Cuomo divides the state into 10 regions for testing and tracks positivity rates to identify potential hot spots. Here is the latest monitoring data by region and for the five boroughs. For the latest county-wide statewide results, click here

Cuomo faced stiff criticism for shutting down indoor restaurants in all five boroughs when the city has lower hospitalization and positivity rates than most of the rest of the state and data from State contact research show that bars and restaurants made up less than 2% of exhibits in September.

To this, the governor says it is a density problem. And that cannot be underestimated.

“The virus is spreading much faster in New York City,” Cuomo said Monday. “Anyone who doubts they’re not here in the spring or has the shortest memory imaginable. ”

Cuomo had said he was trying to avoid the worst-case scenario with overwhelmed hospitals forcing a return to PAUSE, with all non-essential activities shut down.

“If we don’t change the course, we could be heading for closure. This is worrying, ”said the governor. “We are going back to where we were. ”

Hospitalization rates have increased almost everywhere in New York State, as a result of the latest nationwide flood of cases. Cuomo reported more than 300 new admissions on Monday, bringing the state’s total to 5,712 (the highest since May 18). Daily deaths are also on the rise, although these and hospitalizations are much lower than in April. The length of admission has also been significantly reduced.

While this is good news, New York is hardly immune to national trends, which are extremely alarming. Cuomo and others, including Dr.Anthony Fauci, agree that the numbers at the local and national level will continue to rise until January. Cuomo’s goal is to mitigate the blow – hence a revised winter plan that prioritizes hospitalization rates, but also takes into account positivity rates, level of risk of economic activity, transmission rates and population density into the equation.

Meanwhile, the United States continues to grapple with a crisis that looks set to escalate over the next month or so, despite the promise of a vaccine. To date, the country has confirmed more than 16 million cases of COVID and exceeded 300,000 deaths, according to data from NBC News.

Dr Robert Redfield, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warned the United States could see its tragic death toll of nearly 450,000 by February without aggressive measures to contain the expected vacation wave in addition to the wave that has been going on for much more. of a month across the country.


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