Number 1: UK official charts company to compile France’s music charts | Digital


A no-deal Brexit may be on the horizon – but that uncertainty hasn’t stopped a major Franco-British deal from crossing the line before the end of the year.
The Paris-based association of record labels, SNEP, has appointed the UK-based Official Charts Company as the new supplier of France’s official music charts.

The SNEP, which controls the production of official music rankings in France on behalf of the SCPP, will pass to the London-based Official Charts Company from January 1, 2021.

Official Charts, supported by Kantar’s technical expertise, will compile the official French music charts and statistical analysis of recorded, physical and digital music consumption for the market.

In making the announcement, SNEP thanked German company GfK for its service to the market by compiling official charts since 1994 and helping to adapt them to new modes of music consumption.

However, following a call for tenders a year ago, the British challenger won the contract by pledging to make further improvements to record companies, producers, distributors and broadcasters.

Alexandre Lasch, Managing Director of SNEP, said: “The Official Charts Company, a joint venture of labels and retailers, has been managing official music and video ratings in the UK since 1994 and in Ireland since 2017, also providing the comprehensive weekly information industry. summaries and reports. Building on this heritage, we are sure that Official Charts will be able to bring the same level of know-how to labels in France, as well as to our partners in specialized distribution, mass distribution and streaming platforms, without whom this work would not be. not be possible. ”

Martin Talbot, Managing Director of Official Charts Company, added: “Official Charts is delighted to have entered into the agreement to compile official charts and market data for France from January 2021. At the Like the UK, France is among the most influential and important music markets in the world and deserves the best graphics and data. We look forward to working with the SNEP teams, French labels, retailers and other partners to provide the French recorded music market with benchmark tools to boost their business.


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