Norvell, Johnson on Recruitment Numbers, Needs and Balance


TALLAHASSEE – Florida State signed 15 high school engagements and added a transfer quarterback McKenzie Milton until the first day of the early signing period. The early signing period for high school applicants lasts until the end of Friday, while college applicants and transfers can make a decision long before the new year and register in January, if they so desire.

With the schedule a bit open for more decisions and some targets still available, along with an increasingly crowded transfer portal by the day, FSU could be looking to lean on the players they’ve announced until. now.

“I’m excited about the 16 guys we were able to sign and announce today. You might have a few more here in the next few days, but also as we continue to assess and work in this course, definitely meeting the needs that we have, ”the head coach Mike Norvell said Wednesday afternoon.

Recruitment coordinator David Johnson explained what the class might end up being in terms of numbers.

“Basically we can register up to 25 for this class,” Johnson said. “We want to make sure we’re doing things right. We want to make sure we have the right numbers. We have 16 at the moment and we expect a few more members to sign this weekend. But 25 is our number, try not to go any further. ”

So with around 10 spots remaining, how will FSU sail in the days, weeks and months to come.

“Continue to have quality players who can adapt,” Johnson said. “You never turn off the offensive linemen. Always on the lookout for good quality offensive linemen. The same goes for defensive linemen. And if you find a home run hitter from the catcher or running back, you can’t pass up good players. ”

Recruiting is not the simple concept it was just a few years ago, when the focus was mostly on high school prospects, with a goal or two for colleges. Now, with revised NCAA rules and essentially free agency, the transfer portal plays a major role. For a team like FSU, whose roster is under review and is in the midst of transition, the portal can provide instant relief and improvement to some positions. Balancing how to distribute numbers is a never-ending conversation in recruiting meetings.

“This has been one of the interesting dynamics of this recruitment cycle, it is the first year of the transfer portal and the possibility of immediate eligibility. Make sure we explore all options on this. We have certain needs, ”Norvell said.

“As we go through this process, it’s always going to be about getting to the right fit,” he continued. “The offensive skill positions are something that we will still be evaluating. We’re excited about some potential options on the offensive line. And some defensive positions as well. We are handling this new era of recruiting, I think very well, giving us a lot. flexibility with that.

“We’re really trying to plan all of these things and leave some big options here as we go along,” he later shared when talking about the addition of Milton and the impact on the quarter room.

Norvell went into some details regarding their remaining needs. He’s been asked to add a real defensive tackle, as FSU announced several defensive linemen on Wednesday, but none were described as having a starring role when they got inside. Guys like four-star defensive lineman Orlando (Florida) Boone Shambre jackson and three-star defensive lineman from Gadsden County in Havana, Fla. Joshua Farmer have the frameworks to become interior roles, if necessary.

“As we go through our process, you guys are looking at their mounts, the potential for growth. We want to be quick. We want to be explosive. Obviously, the size and strength of what these guys have gives them a lot of versatility as they move forward. We continue to work throughout the process. Could absolutely take a guy to sign who is just an inside player but on the other hand we also have guys here on the roster that we think it could because they keep developing have that ability, ” Norvell said of the defensive tackle. “I think we are in a very good position. You look at the group of defensive tackles that we have on the roster, a lot of sophomores and younger. I think we are in a good position right now. We will continue to assess this here to move forward. ”

One of the Seminoles’ best defensive tackles was Catholic four-star Oradell (NJ) Bergen Tywone Malone, which does not intend to decide until the national signing day in February. FSU competes with Ole Miss and others for the 6-foot-3.5-inch, 300-pound defensive lineman. He should try to visit FSU before making his final decision.

Norvell also spoke about the wide receiver position, where FSU only added three stars to Blythewood (SC). Joshua Burrell Wednesday. The Seminoles have gotten dangerously skinny at the end of this season in this position as players have either transferred, left the program, or been unavailable for other reasons.

“We will probably be looking to sign, I would say three other potential recipients,” Norvell said. “There are still a few days left at the signing of high school and even until January when we start school, potential opportunities of these things.

“Then we have a couple of things that we’re also excited about for the February signing period that we’re looking forward to,” Norvell continued.

Johnson, who also coaches running backs and has worked with wide receivers in the past, echoed the need to find the right guys for offensive skill positions.

“We just have to wait and see,” Johnson said. “Our biggest goal is to make sure we find a playmaker. We have to find another playmaker or two. We keep our fingers and toes crossed and everything to make sure that happens to us. “

FSU is in the mix with several wide receivers including a pair which should decide in the very near future. Bradenton (Florida) IMG Academy Four Star Wide Receiver Malik McClain, former FSU engagement, should unveil its decision on Friday. It is believed to be between Ole Miss and FSU. Itawamba CC three star wide receiver By Davis should announce on Saturday. FSU was in a good position with Davis, but an Ole Miss offer on Wednesday led the Rebels to be seen as the booming team right now.

New Orleans (La.) Edna Karr four stars Destyn Hill should wait until February to decide. Another player like Lehigh Acres (Florida) Lehigh three-star athlete Tar’varish dawson, a pledge from Auburn who is waiting until February to sign, could also come in handy for the wide receiver. FSU volunteered a short time ago and remained interested as he took a patient approach to signing on with the coaching changes at Auburn.

Additionally, another FSU offensive playmaker is in the mix with who plans to wait until February is the four-star running back Ruston (La.). Ke’Travion Hargrove.

Obviously, additional targets may emerge, including new names entering the transfer portal.


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