Norfolk and Suffolk employers do not pay minimum wage


HMRC has named and shamed companies that fail to pay their employees the national minimum wage.
Four companies in Norfolk and Suffolk did not pay their employees minimum wage between September 2016 and July 2018.

This is the first time the government has denounced and blamed companies for not paying the national minimum wage since 2018, following process reforms to ensure only the worst offenders are targeted.

La Toison d’Or at Wells-next-the-Sea is one of the companies listed.
– Credit: Google Maps

The worst offender is the Golden Fleece pub in Wells-next-the-Sea, which failed to pay £ 8,149.69 to 14 staff.

Sheringham-based Kingsland Engineering Company failed to pay four workers £ 1,331.79 and Great Yarmouth-based Eddie’s Diner failed to pay three staff £ 670.13.


Eddie’s Diner à Great Yarmouth.
– Credit: Google Maps

Employers who pay workers less than the minimum wage must repay back wages to the worker at current minimum wage rates.

They also face heavy financial penalties of up to 200% of the arrears – capped at £ 10,000 per worker – which are paid to the government. Each of the companies cited today reimbursed their workers and were forced to pay financial penalties.

While not all violations of the minimum wage rules are intentional, it is the responsibility of all employers to ensure they follow the law.

This is the case of an employee who previously worked for Carbon Nightclub and the Mill Bar and Grill Restaurant in Stowmarket.

The employee was not paid £ 1,263.41.

Company manager Robert Perry said: “This individual employee was paid to work 40 hours a week, but he claimed money to work 60 hours.

“It was because he couldn’t drive, so he was hanging out in the club until he shut up, claiming he was working.

“So the employee was overpaid in the first place, which is why he didn’t get the £ 1,263.41. ”

The Golden Fleece pub in Wells-next-the-Sea, Kingsland Engineering Company in Sheringham and Eddie’s Diner in Great Yarmouth have all been contacted for comments regarding not paying minimum wage to a number of employees.

The full list across the UK can be found on the government website here.


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