Nor’easter beats Boston with rain, early snowstorm – NBC Boston

It is raining in Greater Boston right now and some areas are seeing snowflakes. By 3pm, we should be in the middle of the first big snowstorm of the year.

A nor’easter arrives in New England, causing winter storm warnings across much of the region. The first weather alert team found that the storm has intensified and will continue to do so throughout the day.

It can bring 9 inches of snow or more to the Boston area (estimates have changed) and is expected to bring more than a foot in many areas of New England.

NBC10 Boston

Estimated total snowfall from a nor’easter arriving in New England on Saturday December 5, 2020.

NBC10 Boston

Estimated total snowfall from a nor’easter arriving in New England on Saturday December 5, 2020.

Driving could be affected by the mixture of heavy precipitation and wind.

This wet start was part of the plan from the start.

TIMELINE: An hour-by-hour look at this weekend’s Nor’easter

Heavy rain and wind will hit the eastern part of Massachusetts after traveling the Interstate 90 toll freeway, and wind gusts can reach 50 miles per hour.

We expect the storm to intensify rapidly later this morning and early afternoon when most of us will see the passage from rain to snow. It will slowly enter the Worcester Hills later this morning and then move sharply towards the coast throughout the afternoon.

A map showing when to be off the roads in Massachusetts when approaching a nor'easter

NBC10 Boston

I compare him to a tennis player serving a ball. The storm is the ball and the cold rushing in the storm is the racket. When it comes in contact, be careful.

What kept me from sleeping most of the night was the fact that our tips provide for a smooth transition from rain to snow. We do know, however, that this transition is more chaotic or, in some cases, sudden. This is the concern with the accumulations, of course.

With a faster ride, more snow accumulates near the coast. Or more simply, lines 6-9 and 3-6 on the snow map move closer to Boston and the South Shore.

As wind and rain turn to snow in New England, the region is gearing up.

Winds are a problem with Northeasters, and this is no exception. We are talking about gusts close to a hurricane. Communities along the coast will reach 50 to 100 km / h as the storm draws in piles of air during the intensification. This air exchange means that some will go up furiously. This could trigger thunderstorms in places, increasing the rate of snowfall to 1-3 per hour and making roads impassable. Safe bet to follow the map and get off the roads. Power outages will be a problem as wet, mushy snow clings to power lines, trees, mittens, your neighbor’s snow blowing on their driveway, etc.

This weekend’s nor’easter is proving hard to predict, according to NBC10 Boston and NECN chief meteorologist Matt Noyes, but it has all the data on what to expect in New England.

Wrap on the storm won’t be before midnight. Like most Nor’easters, it’s just snowing – at a lighter pace, mind you – in the back. The plows will be outside until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

This is not the last word of course. Many more updates to come as we weather the storm.

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