No Cap Pod: Ohio State football is making a comeback, but issues arise


No Cap with Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas is back and brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings, the official sports bar for Eleven Warriors.

Ohio State football is off again, with the Buckeyes in East Lansing and ready to face Michigan State, but issues loom for “The Game.” Texas fans have feelings for Urban Meyer and the guys explore painful memories of Sparty’s past.

02:20 The game of soccer is a go
05:38 Couldn’t have happened to a better man
11:20 “Herbstreit was just saying what everyone was thinking”
17:12 “I don’t care if Tom Brady and Charles Woodson are backā€¦”
18:51 The CFP problem
23:54 Texas catches feelings for Urban Meyer
26:50 “Some of these children are now wild”
30:21 “It’s not a great victory”
32:15 Painful memories
33:51 1891, the year you were born
35:40 “I tore off my mouthpiece”
39:26 Games of this weekend
41h00 We’d be rich if we had the balls to play (Seriously, we’re all 8-1)
44:06 Marshawn Lynch, American hero
46:15 WHAC Story: The King of Madden
53:07 Go for three: they cursed each other

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