Nigella Lawson’s pronunciation of ‘microwave’ has to be heard to be believed


Nigella Lawson has whipped fans into a frenzy because of her unique pronunciation of ‘microwave’.

The celebrity chef spoke about the current household appliance on Monday night’s episode of his BBC2 series Cook, Eat, Repeat.
The 60-year-old domestic goddess was making mashed potatoes when she came up with the playful variation of the word.
Splashing whole milk into the pan, Nigella explained that she had warmed it up in the ‘meecro-wa-vay’.
The statement quickly sent Twitter into collapse, with one fan describing it as a “defining moment of 2020”.
“From now on ‘mecrowavay’ will be in my vocabulary forever and the microwave will cease to exist Queen @Nigella_Lawson spoke,” another user joked.
“Eternally grateful to Nigella Lawson for letting us know we’ve all mispronounced microwaves for the past 50 years (or so),” another tweeted.
And podcast host Scott Bryan commented, “Nigella pronounces microwave like ‘micro-wav-ay’, that’s how we should all pronounce it now. These are the rules. ”
This isn’t the first time Nigella’s cooking show has captivated viewers long after the show aired.
While some social media users loved the decadent recipe, others found it too indulgent.
One user tweeted: “I think it’s fair to say that only Nigella could get away with teaching us how to toast. ”


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