Nicola Sturgeon admits Scotland suffered ‘devastating loss’ as a result of freight ban in France | Politics | New


The SNP leader has told the Scottish Parliament that the Scottish seafood industry will need support after missing peak sales due to France’s ban on UK freight. The Scottish Prime Minister also announced on Boxing Day that there would be a three-week lockdown across the country.

Ms Sturgeon said: ‘What is really and immediate is the impact on our food exporters, especially in the Scottish seafood sector.
“It’s the peak time of year for seafood exports and the Christmas export trade is now almost certainly lost.

“It’s devastating for our world-class seafood companies and they need and will get our support.

“We are liaising with the industry for immediate financial support and I raised the issue of compensation at Cobra yesterday.

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“However, what the industry needs most is for the UK government and France to agree on a protocol to restart trade without delay.

“If this does not happen immediately, the industry is also at risk of losing its New Year’s export business.”

On Sunday, the Scottish Prime Minister took to social media to ask Boris Johnson to ask for an extension of the post-Brexit transition period.

Ms Sturgeon tweeted: ‘It is now imperative that the Prime Minister seeks an agreement to extend the Brexit transition period.

On Tuesday morning, the UK Home Secretary categorically ruled out the UK government extending the post-Brexit transition period with the EU.

Britain and the European Union remain separate in negotiations on a free trade agreement with a number of sticking points preventing negotiations from moving forward.

Sky News ‘Niall Paterson asked:’ Are there any plans or temptation to seek some form of extension to this Brexit transition? ”

Ms. Patel replied, “No, there isn’t. ”


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