NFL Week 14 scores, highlights, updates, schedule: Wild Falcons-Chargers ending features 3 INTs in 11 games


It’s the 14th NFL Sunday of the 2020 season and we keep you up to date with all the action and bigger storylines throughout the day. The Week 14 slate features some fantastic matches and storylines that we can’t wait to see unfold. Check back often to find out everything you need to know.



Rams 24, Patriots 3 (récapitulatif)


Cardinals 26, Giants 7 (rappel)
Broncos 32, Panthers 27 (rappel)
Titans 31, Jaguars 10 (rappel)
Chiefs 33, Dolphins 27 (rappel)
Cowboys 30, Bengals 7 (rappel)
Bears 36, Texans 7 (rappel)
Buccaneers 26, Vikings 14 (rappel)
Colts 44, Raiders 27 (rappel)
Seahawks 40, Jets 3 (recall)
Washington 23, 49ers 15 (rappel)
Eagles 24, Saints 31 (rappel)
Packers 31, Lions 24 (recall)
Chargers 20, Falcons 17 (recall)
Steelers at Bills, 20 h 20 HE (aperçu)

On Monday

Ravens at Browns, 8:15 p.m. ET (preview)

What just happened ?!

The Chargers-Falcons’ end in Week 14 should take the cake as the 2020 peak. In 11 games with less than 4 minutes to go, the Chargers and Falcons have traded three interceptions. Oh, and by the way, the score was 17-17 at the time! All both teams had to do was hold onto the football and get a few early tries to set up a winning goal attempt. Eventually, the Chargers got the ball back and Justin Herbert threw an absolute laser to set up the winning basket. I know you probably don’t expect to hear it, but the Chargers actually did execute a successful special-team play.

Here’s how it started:

Then Herbert returned it:

And Ryan makes it right away in Los Angeles:

Herbert tears it up in there:

Bagley completes the victory:

Crosby embarks on a new career

Mason Crosby set a new personal best with a 58-yard bomb to give the Packers a 10-point lead. It was absolute training through the uprights.

Washington scores another defensive TD

The Washington Football defense came to play today. For the second time, they scored a TD on the defensive side of the ball. This one came on a Nick Mullens pick-six.

It hurts to do it with his legs too

Jalen Hurts organized the entire first half for his first career start. After the Eagles’ offense did its part and came to a halt, Hurts conducted just before half-time training that put to use his unique ability to create distances with his legs. Unfortunately for the Eagles, Jake Elliott missed a smart shot basket in goal position.

Sanders at home!

The Philadelphia Eagles have three wins and New Orleans has a shot at winning the division with a victory over a rookie quarterback making his first career start, but don’t tell the players in green and black. The Eagles have come to play and now contender Darkhorse to take out the NFC East Division is fighting to get back into the mix. Sanders broke free and showed his breaking ability on this one!

Treadwell finds the final zone

Remember when Laquon Treadwell was a first-round pick by the Vikings? Well now he’s a Falcon, and he’s just entered the final zone. It’s 2020, so of course the old first round bust is on the scoreboard in the first week of the fantasy football playoffs, right ?!

The best interception of the season?

Is this the best interception of the season? We think so, but we’ll let you watch and be the judge. And how about that – was it any player’s best catch this year? The one-handed back stab at the ball took a touchdown on the board and the turnover reversed the momentum.

Hilton recommence

TY Hilton is finally making her way with Philip Rivers after a frustrating first season for the duo. It took them a while to develop a rapport, but now it’s booming and it looks awesome. Hilton scored this game earlier – his third straight game with a touchdown – and now he’s tackled on his second of the game. This time it was a bomb!

Does it hurt Alshon? Only in 2020

Who would have expected us to see Jalen Hurts throwing touchdown passes to Alshon Jeffery to give the Eagles a lead over first place and the New Orleans Saints to 10 wins? Well, in 2020 I guess that’s normal for the course. What makes this game so special is that Hurts delivered it with pressure right in the face and in a fourth situation.

Falcons Tower Game!

When your season turns in the wrong direction, why not start a turn game ?! That’s exactly what Atlanta did in that setback against Russell Gage that quickly turned into a deep throw to Calvin Ridley for the spectacular touchdown.

Lock throws TD # 4

Drew Lock needed a breakout game in the worst way and he found it against the Panthers in high school in Week 14. Lock connected with rookie KJ Hamler earlier in the game for a long time. TD and found him in midfield for another long TD. Lock’s best trait is his deep passing accuracy and the Broncos are finally giving him time to connect on those shots.

Tua finds his new # 1 target for a big

Tua Tagovailoa developed a solid relationship with tight winger Mike Gisecki and they built on that connection in Week 14. As Miami hosted a potential late-game comeback against the Chiefs, Tagovailoa found Gisecki in the seam and despite KC’s strong cover the ball was placed in a spot where it could be caught.

Minshew brings immediate relief

Gardner Minshew Mania is back! At least for now. After Mike Glennon struggled to move the ball against a Titans defense that struggled to stop all season, Minshew came in relief and immediately led a scorching goal topped by a short TD .

Hardman goes home 67

It’s been quite the day for the Chiefs and now they’ve stepped onto the set with a special team. Mecole Hardman showed his straight-line speed with a scorching 67-yard return TD.

Lock finds Hamler on the deep blow

Drew Lock connected with rookie KJ Hamler on a perfectly pitched deep ball. It’s the connection that Broncos fans want and hope to see more of. You can’t teach that kind of speed that Mr. Hamler has!

Kyler drops a dime from his back foot

Kyler Murray has a special arm talent. Typically, when a quarterback is stepping back on his back foot, he can barely generate any kind of trajectory or power on his pitch. Murray is not. The Giants rightly put him dead on a 3rd and baseline situation and almost sacked him, but instead he threw a perfect dime at Dan Arnold in the back of the end zone.

Hill is truly the fastest in the NFL

If you had any doubts that Tyreek Hill was on a different level when it comes to pure speed, watch and enjoy. Hill found a way to not only gain the advantage but also take a non-existent angle and turn this play into a seven.

Brady Bomb at Miller

Who has Scotty Miller in their fantastic rosters for the playoffs? Crickets? Well guess what, it was Miller and not Chris Godwin, Mike Evans, Antonio Brown or Rob Gronkowski who scored the first TD Bucs of the week. Brady scanned the field and dropped a perfect ball over the top.

Dallas defense showing off?

Did the Cowboys defense decide to wait until week 14 to show up? Yes they have! Massive play here by Aldon Smith to make this one completely for the score.

Brown makes the catch of the week

AJ Brown just made the catch of the week and we don’t even have to wait until the rest of this week’s games to wrap up to confirm that. On a well-designed flea flicker game Ryan Tannehill charged and shot long for his number 1 WR and Brown only needed one hand to secure the score.

Montgomery breaks a big one

David Montgomery is a gift that never ceases to give to fancy homeowners who have been patient and waited for the Chicago agenda to mellow out. Montgomery has felt it recently, and while he’s not exactly known for his breakaway speed, he certainly showed it on that 80-yard run for the score.

Games where the weather could play a role

If you watched Boise State and Wyoming play in a winter wonderland on Saturday, you can expect inclement weather conditions affecting NFL games this weekend as well. However, it once again feels like an uneventful weather weekend in the host cities of the NFL. There are five games to watch – Texans-Bears, Jets-Seahawks, Cardinals-Giants, Steelers-Bills and Ravens-Browns – but none should be particularly bad.

The Jets-Seahawks game is the only one threatened with rain, and there will likely be a few scattered showers, with a 35% chance of rain. These other four games will see winds in the 10-15 mph range, and according to The Action Network, games where the average wind above 10 mph has gone under the total 55% of the time since 2003 (515-415-10 ). Plus, the Texans-Bears, Steelers-Bills and Ravens-Browns should see temperatures close to zero… but historically that’s not as big a scoring factor as the wind.


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