NFL Week 13 scores, highlights, updates, schedule: Derek Carr throws miracle touchdown, Jets remain winless


It’s the 13th Sunday of the NFL of the 2020 season and we keep you up to date with all the action and bigger storylines throughout the day. The Week 13 slate features some fantastic matches and storylines that we can’t wait to see unfold. Check back often to find out everything you need to know.



Lions 34, bear 30 (recall)
Browns 41, Titans 35 (rappel)
Colts 26, Texans 20 (rappel)
Jaguars at Vikings (recap)
Saints 21, Falcons 16 (recap)
Raiders 31, Jets 28 (recap)
Dolphins 19, Bengals 7 (recall)
Giants at Seahawks, 16 h 05 HE (Game Tracker)
Rams at Cardinals, 16 h 05 HE (GameTracker)
Eagles chez Packers, 16 h 25 HE (GameTracker)
Patriots chez Chargers, 16 h 25 HE (GameTracker)
Broncos at Chiefs, 8:20 p.m. ET (preview)


Washington at the Steelers, 5 p.m. ET (preview)
Bills at 49ers, 20 h 15 HE (aperçu)


Cowboys at Ravens, 20 h 05 HE (aperçu)

Miracle in the prairies, part II

Maybe it’s a little hyperbolic to call it the “Miracle of the Meadowlands, Part II” or maybe not. You are the judge. For some strange reason, the Jets blitzed and played unassisted at the top with all that was left to do was stop a long touchdown pass to secure their first win of the season. We’re not saying they’re tanking, but the Jets’ coaches will certainly have to respond to that surprising defensive call to lose the game. The Raiders only had 13 seconds to go around the 50-yard line with no downtime. It should never have happened, but of course it’s the Jets.

Murray looks healthy again

Kyler Murray teamed up with tight end Dan Arnold on a beautifully placed TD to give Arizona a quick lead. He was the Kyler Murray we remembered earlier this season before the shoulder injury.

Lions score 10 points in 42 seconds to win

The Lions scored 10 points in 42 seconds to win a football game and it wasn’t against the Atlanta Falcons. The Chicago Bears made their best impression of the Falcons this week to blow up a game they should never have lost. That Matt Nagy’s coach seat was already warming up before this game, but now it’s really hot.

Gesicki with the one-handed grip

This may be the best catch we’ll see all season and certainly the best of Week 13. After a slow attacking first half, the Dolphins launched into the third quarter against the Bengals and Tua Tagovailoa found a new favorite target in tight end Mike Gesicki. Just watch this amazing Gesicki take with one hand!

Wild TD plays in Tennessee

The Titans are trying to come back up from what looked like a million, so it’s obvious they’re going to need a little luck. That’s exactly what they got in the third quarter when AJ Brown was stripped of the football just before the end zone before his teammate recovered the fumble and scored.

Jefferson starts over

Justin Jefferson is a strong advocate for being Rookie of the Year instead of Justin Herbert. On a tear from earlier this season, Jefferson continued with another great second half. Earlier on this record, Jefferson drew pass interference. He capped the ride with a magnificent course for TD.

Mayfield drops it perfectly

Baker Mayfield is absolutely cooking in the first half of this pivotal game against the Titans. This is perhaps the closest to his dominant rookie season since 2018. Mayfield executed a perfect play pass before dropping the ball perfectly over rookie WR Donovan Peoples-Jones.

Later in the half, Mayfield threw his fourth touchdown.

Stafford hits Cephus on the bomb

It’s a record-breaking day for the wide rookie receivers and Quintez Cephus was also in the table. What a hit here by Stafford.

Foals find success with Taylor

Fresh off the reserve / COVID roster, Colts rookie Jonathan Taylor caught a wide open pass out of backfield and showed his speed in a straight line. Remember, despite weighing over 220 pounds, Taylor ran a 4.4 to 40 yard dash. He escaped easily and found the end zone here.

Tannehill connects with Davis

Corey Davis was once the 6th overall pick, but his career has not gone as planned so far due to injuries. Now, within a year of contract, Davis is in full health and displaying the kind of advantages and potential that led him to be selected so early in the draft. Davis had a great catch and got it for the score.

Hilton gets on board early

Philip Rivers’ connection to TY Hilton didn’t go as hoped, but it does start to pick up a bit of heat towards the end of the season. Rivers found Hilton on a TD opening pitch to give the Colts a brief lead.

How did it go?!

The first TD of Week 13 on Sunday came on a wild pass attempt that almost certainly should have been intercepted by a VIkings defenseman. Instead, Mike Glennon’s pass was flipped and landed perfectly in the hands of rookie WR Laviska Shenault. You have to see this wild game to believe it.

Here’s where the weather could play a role

The schedule says December, which typically means a handful of NFL games will face wind, cold, and maybe even snow… but by week 13, not so much. In fact, it looks like there is only one game where bad weather could affect the game, and that is in the Raiders-Jets game at MetLife Stadium. The temperature won’t be bad (a predicted high of 42 degrees), but there should be sustained winds between 12 and 14 mph. Even that might not be enough to mean much, but there are occasional forecasts of 20-24 mph gusts, which could send a pass from Sam Darnold or Derek Carr off target.

Otherwise, there is only a little cold in the spots: the Eagles-Packers, Lions-Bears, Broncos-Chiefs, Washington-Steelers and Cowboys-Ravens are all expected to experience temperatures in the 1930s. .


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