NFL Playoff Picture: AFC and NFC Ranking After Week 14


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The image of the NFL playoffs is taking shape. Here’s what it looks like after the last list of games:

1. Chefs (12-1) Picked up AFC West.

2. Steelers (11-2) Place in the playoffs won.

3. Bills (10-3) Big lead in the AFC East.

4. Titans (9-4) Owns the division record tiebreaker over Indianapolis.

5. Chestnuts (9-4) Closing on a return to the playoffs.

6. Colts (9-4) Another chance in AFC Sud.

7. Dolphins (8-5) Another chance in the AFC East.


8. Crows (8-5) The game emerges from the rest but loses the tiebreaker in the conference games against Miami.

9. Raiders (7-6) A game in the wild card.

10. Patriots (6-7) Very unlikely to return to the playoffs.

11. Broncos (5-8) Extreme shot to make the playoffs.

12. Texans (4-9) Mathematically eliminated.

13. Chargers (4-9) Mathematically eliminated.

14. Bengals (2-10-1) Mathematically eliminated.

15. Jaguars (1-12) Mathematically eliminated.

16. Jets (0-13) Mathematically eliminated.

1. Packers (10-3) Owns the head-to-head tiebreaker over New Orleans.

2. Saints (10-3) Earned a playoff berth

3. Rams (9-4) Leads the division and owns the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Seahawks.

4. Washington (6-7) One game leads the NFC East.

5. Seahawks (9-4) First in the wild card race.

6. Boucaniers (8-5) Two games behind the Saints in the NFC South.

7. Cardinals (7-6) A game ahead for the final joker.


8. Vikings (6-7) A match behind for the joker.

9. Ours (6-7) A match behind for the joker.

10. Lions (5-8) Two games behind for the wild card.

11. 49ers (5-8) Two games behind for the wild card.

12. Giants (5-8) Still not out of his mind in the NFC East.

13. Eagles (4-8-1) Still not out of his mind in the NFC East.

14. Cowboys (4-9) Still not out of his mind in the NFC East.

15. Falcons (4-9) Mathematically eliminated.

16. Panthers (4-9) No realistic chance in the wildcard race.


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