NFL Playoff Picture 2020 – Week 14 Standings, Playoff Support, Storylines & Outlook


Week 14 brought major changes to the top of both conferences as the NFL playoff race enters its home stretch. The Chiefs replaced the Steelers atop the AFC, while the Packers passed the Saints for the NFC top spot. The Chiefs and Packers have also won their division titles, have favorable paths to gain a field advantage throughout the playoffs, and were the big winners of Week 14. The Steelers, it should be noted, have also landed a playoff berth despite their second in a row. loss.
In total, however, only four of the 14 NFL playoff spots are counted. Much remains to be determined. Let’s take a closer look at where the NFL playoff image sits, using ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) to provide much needed context.

Note: X denotes a team that landed a playoff spot, Y denotes a team that landed their division, and Z denotes a team that earned a first round bypass.

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FPI odds of making playoffs: 100%
Chances of the REIT to win the division: 100%

After claiming a victory over the Dolphins, the Chiefs won their fifth straight AFC West title. Then they watched the Steelers lose Sunday night to the Bills, pushing them to first place in the conference. Although they have a tough game in Week 15 against the Saints, the FPI see the Chiefs as the overwhelming favorites to keep the No.1 seed and ultimately clinch it. They can do it as early as Week 15 with a win, plus losses by the Steelers and Bills.

Remaining calendar: chez Saints, vs. Falcons, vs. Chargers


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