News summary: A Canadian-only Honda version and the most stolen vehicles in Ontario

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2021 Honda Accord gets refresh and new version for Canadians

Honda has combed through the Accord, giving it new technology, new content and a bit of a styling refresh. Styling changes for the 2021 Honda Accord include a wider grille with an updated radar unit, more subtle LEDs and fog lights.

The big news for Canucks is the exclusive version they’ll get – the entry-level SE ($ 32,305) with a 1.5-liter turbo four linked to a CVT and all the perks of the Sport trim ($ 33,605) minus the wireless phone charger. Read on to learn more about the 2021 Acura, including details on the Hybrid, Hybrid Touring, EX-L and Touring trims.

Here are the 50 most important stolen cars of the year in Ontario

The list of the most stolen cars in Ontario this year includes more luxury SUVs than the loaded pickup truck rankings of the Western provinces, which tout the F-150 as one of the best thefts. In Canada’s most populous province, by contrast, the Lexus RX earned that notorious honor, with 591 of the country’s 738 stolen units missing from Ontario. The Honda CR-V has seen similar pickups, with half of the country’s total of 758 going to Ontario drivers.

The Civic is the first car to make the list, with 330 models stolen this year, while the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 narrowly beat the F-150 as the province’s most stolen pickup truck. See if and where your vehicle ranks in the full list here.

Passengers lose their minds as huge spider crawls around the car

How would you react if you discovered a potentially (but probably not) dangerous creature inside a car you were driving in? A video shared by charlotte.rodriguess03 on TikTok shows a group of female passengers screaming, yelling obscenities and finally hitting with their phones a huge Huntsman spider walking around their car.

There is a lot of shouting of “Shut up!” And “Oh, my God! But it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt. Kudos to the driver who kept the car safe on the road. Apparently, Huntsman spiders, despite their disgusting and absolutely terrifying appearance, are generally not aggressive. Take the survey here and tell us how you would react.

Ontario police arrest Ford with lawn chair for driver’s seat

A Halton Region police officer got a surprise – and probably a bit of a laugh, too – when he pulled over a Ford Edge near Dundas, Ont., And discovered the driver was navigate the car from a folding lawn chair seated floor mounted, without seat belt. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all,” reads the HRPS Burlington tweet. “Yes, this is the driver’s ‘seat’.”

And judging by the photos of the interior, the chair had been in use for some time. Police ripped off the car’s plates, towed it, and issued a court summons to the driver for driving a dangerous vehicle and not having a working seat belt.

Southern Ontario City Council Believes Small Parking Garages Are Causing Parking Problems

Milton City Council points out that as our vehicles have grown bigger and bigger over the years, the parking garages and driveways of our homes haven’t necessarily kept pace. The problem arose recently when a developer proposed a 90 townhouse complex with 205 parking spaces – two per unit plus parking for visitors – in the sprawling community, which already lacks on-street parking options. The city council is concerned that home buyers will fill their storage garages or have too many vehicles to fit in the spaces provided. The problem has not yet been resolved.

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