Newcastle manager Steve Bruce shocked by Covid effect on players | Newcastle United


Steve Bruce has said two Newcastle United first-team players remain critically ill with Covid-19 and could be out for weeks or even months.

As the majority of Bruce’s squad have recovered from the team’s recent coronavirus outbreak, the Newcastle manager said “four or five” were still sidelined by the virus. “For two of them, it had a detrimental effect,” he added. “It won’t be a week or two [that they’re out], it will take longer than that.

“It’s not just fatigue, they also have other symptoms. It has overwhelmed most of them, but some find it difficult. My thoughts are with both players [worst affected] and their well-being. “

Bruce was shocked to see footballers as fit as Covid. “It’s scary when you think about these are young, fit and supreme athletes,” he says. “If anyone needs to be reminded of how serious this is, then we have witnessed it. Some look good, but the element of fatigue hits them, but for two it’s beyond. It will take them weeks to come back; you wouldn’t think that long Covid trick is possible in fit, young athletes.

Newcastle will not name those affected for reasons of medical confidentiality, but Bruce has seen his team experience a wide range of symptoms and degrees of illness. “We got the full set,” he says. “We had vomiting, sores, mouth ulcers, no smell, no taste. The fatigue element is a big problem. For the vast majority of sufferers, fatigue is the only thing the virus leaves behind. They walk around for half an hour and then want to go back to bed. It’s as brutal as that. It has been a very difficult week. It is extremely difficult to manage. “


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