Newcastle fans react to Mike Ashley’s court challenge update


A number of Newcastle United fans have responded to the latest update on the Magpies’ takeover saga, with reports that Mike Ashley is set to step up the legal process with the Premier League.
Newcastle have been reported to be involved in a legal arbitration process with the Premier League over stopping the club’s £ 300million takeover plan this summer. It is now reported that the action is not taken just for compensation, but with Ashley hoping the deal can be reached with the belief that PIF did not get a fair hearing over previous takeovers of the Premier League, according to Shields Gazette.

Newcastle are expected to use evidence gathered in regards to the buyouts from Manchester City, Crystal Palace and Wolves. The Magpies should cite Abu Dhabi’s influence and sponsorship ties with Man City and the influence of the Chinese government on Wolves owners as areas in which they believe PIF’s takeover bid has been treated differently, according to Shields Gazette.

Ashley is said to be keen to see the lawsuit through to its conclusion, having received assurances from the PIF, which has consistently pledged to buy the club for between £ 300m and £ 350m if given the chance by a change of position of the Prime Minister. League, by Shields Gazette.

Newcastle fans react to Mike Ashley’s position on legal action

Many Newcastle fans were hoping this latest update on the takeover saga will provide some leverage to move things in the right direction, while one fan says a ‘long haul’ awaits with the deal who seems likely to be heading to court.

Do you think Newcastle legal arbitration can make a difference for buyout



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