New York hospital nurses strike over contract negotiations, COVID protection – NBC New York


Nurses at a New York City hospital are expected to quit their jobs on Tuesday due to stalled contract negotiations and their safety amid the pandemic.

According to the New York State Nurses Association.

The union which represents more than 42,000 members in the state said conditions at the hospital on Monday were “worrying” as Montefiore began moving patients just a day before the strike began.

Nurses say they fear for patients as well as employees, some of whom have contracted COVID-19 and one has died from the virus.

“It is really very detrimental for us to get a fair contract that we deserve. We have worked tirelessly through COVID, tirelessly, ”said RN Marcia Hayles.

In response, Montefiore said he had offered nurses “a lot” in previous contract negotiations over the past 18 months, including a 7% pay rise, tuition reimbursement of $ 7,500 per year, health insurance. without contribution and medical costs for retired nurses, but NYSNA refused to accept.

The hospital’s scathing statement accused the union of seizing power “to dictate staff assignments and assign plum jobs to their friends”, but workers say Montefiore is unprepared for wave two of coronavirus cases. He added that the hospital has 90 days of PPE for employees, which contradicts the nurses’ claims.

Priority requests from nurses include hiring more nurses and improving the safe enforcement of staffing, but the union says the hospital wanted them to drop those proposals.

“After so many bargaining sessions, their stance on staff safety still hasn’t changed – they’re not willing to spend a dime to make sure we have enough nurses to take care of our community safely. security, ”said Kathy Santioemma, head of NYSNA in New Rochelle. A press release.

Workers are expected to start their strike at 7 a.m. on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the Montefiore will remain open as it adopts an emergency plan to transfer patients to other facilities.


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