New Stimulus Package Update: A Check for $ 600 or $ 700, When Congress Could Vote


A smaller stimulus bill has a chance of succeeding before the end of 2020.

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A second stimulus check is officially back on the menu. After weeks of pushing forward a COVID-19 relief package without funding for an additional check, negotiators in Washington are shaping a new $ 900 billion coronavirus stimulus bill which is supposed to include a second stimulus check. Instead of another payment of $ 1,200, however, the bill will set a cap of $ 600 or $ 700 per person, according to several reports, including Politico and The Washington Post.

Biparty negotiators including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have just days to strike a government funding deal before Friday’s deadline, as well as finalize the plan stimulus.

A $ 900 billion stimulus vote could arrive as early as Friday or Saturday, according to reports, with legislation starting in the House of Representatives before moving to the Senate, and then, if it passes both Houses, to President Donald’s office. Trump for a signature.

“McConnell told Republicans in the Senate to prepare to be here throughout the weekend to do COVID / expense bills,” said Garrett Haake, political correspondent for NBC News tweeted Wednesday.

“Senator Joe Manchin believes that the Senate will vote” probably “on Saturday on the COVID-omnibus package”, tweeted Hill writer Alex Bolton.

Coronavirus aid proposal before January 1 seen as emergency legislation to establish a safety net for expired services that could leave tens of millions of Americans without a job without an income and millions of households threatened with eviction. A big deal like the $ 2 trillion CARES Act de mars, who authorized a $ 1,200 stimulation check for most Americans it is more likely to return to the table in early 2021, suggested the main American leaders.

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President Donald Trump too, called “More money than they talk about” in the stimulus checks, and continued to push for a second check in the final bill.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany did not say whether Trump would refuse to sign a stimulus package that did not include a second check, but said on Tuesday that Trump “would really like to see these stimulus checks. over there “.

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Upcoming Stimulus Checks: What to Expect


Stimulus controls don’t come cheap. The IRS said this summer it spent $ 270 billion to send 160 million checks, and on Monday Sen. Mitt Romney, a Republican who helped craft the bipartisan stimulus proposal, predicted a cost of $ 300 billion if checks were once again included for $ 1,200 per person. The Republicans would have restrained the price.

Last week’s White House proposal had allocated $ 600 each in stimulus money for each qualified adult and their dependent children, a decrease from $ 1,200 in the CARES Act for adultsand an increase of $ 500 per eligible dependent. It is not yet clear whether the $ 900 billion stimulus proposal will follow this suggestion.

A smaller one second stimulus check would be a way to keep costs below the $ 1 trillion threshold that Republican lawmakers have in the past said they would support. Last week, the White House proposed a $ 918 billion plan with maximum stimulus checks of $ 600. This was rejected by Democratic leaders because the proposal also reduced $ 300 in weekly federal unemployment insurance benefits this would help support job seekers until April.

The $ 900 billion stimulus proposal is the latest variation of a $ 908 billion December 1 proposal that on Monday was split into two parts. The first is a basic bill worth $ 748 billion, which includes unemployment financing and other measures. The second is a $ 160 billion bill that eliminates the two most contentious issues that could capsize a deal: money for state, local and tribal funding on the one hand; and a liability shield to protect businesses from coronavirus-related lawsuits.


A vote on the new stimulus plan could come soon.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Neither lobe of the two-part stimulus deal contained second stimulus check, but with the more thorny issues fading away, leading Democratic and Republican negotiators are grabbing the monetary wiggle room to fund the popular stimulus check at a reduced rate.

While time is running out, key US leaders appear determined to push for a stimulus deal.

“Guess what, if we don’t do anything, a lot of people have no homes to go to this holiday season,” Manchin said Wednesday from the Senate. “Failure is not an option. ”

“We won’t leave here without a COVID package. It will not happen. We’re going to stay here until we get a COVID package, ”McConnell said on Tuesday. “No matter how long it takes, we’ll be there.

Here’s what we know about the current state of negotiations and what could happen before the end of the year.

When could Congress realistically pass a new stimulus bill?

Here are a few possible scenarios that could play out over the coming weeks and months, depending on how the negotiations take place in Washington.

When could a stimulus bill or package pass?

House votes

Senate votes

President sign

Dec 18

Dec 21

Dec 22

Dec 22

23 Dec.

Dec 24

February 1, 2021 (after the inauguration)

February 2

February 3

February 16 (February 15 is Presidents Day)

February 16

February 16

4 things that could happen with a stimulus package now

If a stimulus bill is completed this year or before January 20: With an agreement reached, the current House and Senate would vote before the new Congress sits in early January. If the outgoing president then signs the bailout bill, aid would likely start flowing out within a few weeks, with some groups possibly receiving financial aid before the end of 2020.

If negotiators agree on a stimulus deal, but it fails in the House or Senate: In this situation, Democrats and Republicans could put forward their own proposals that could pass through their majority chambers but fail (or not be considered) by the other. In that case, Congress could try again after President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in.

A smaller bill could be passed now and a bigger one could come later: It is possible that a subset of programs would be funded before Biden became president – for example, unemployment aid, extension of the deportation ban or even a second revival check, with the new Congress revisiting other programs after the inauguration. As sitting president, Trump would have to sign any bills passed by January 20 for it to take effect.


Stimulus negotiations are under incredible stress.

Sarah Tew / CNET

If discussions still fail after January 20: If partisan differences prevent a bill from passing, it’s possible it will restart to some extent after Biden’s inauguration in January. Here is some executive actions Biden could take immediately once president if a stimulus bill is not adopted when it is sworn in.

If an invoice including direct payment is accepted, here is how fast we think the IRS could send a second stimulus check.

The recovery plan for democratic heroes still counts

On October 1, the House of Representatives adopted a revised hero law which included a second stimulus check and additional benefits, such as improved unemployment benefits for tens of millions of Americans. The House bill, which was mainly approved by Democrats, was not supposed to go through the Republican-controlled Senate, and did not.

While not a law, this bill provides the talking points that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi worked with before the bipartisan proposal and could return next year, if another stimulus proposal takes hold. magnitude after Biden’s inauguration. This revised hero law has Biden’s backing and could feature in future negotiations, depending on whether the Georgian state runoff on Jan.5 gives Democrats control of the Senate (Republicans currently retain a two-seat lead) .

What parts do Republicans and Democrats agree on?

Proposals for both sides included the paycheck protection program for businesses, improved unemployment insurance and another stimulus payment up to $ 1,200 for individuals that meet the requirements. While not all of the benefits make it into a smaller bill, these other relief measures are more likely to gain bipartisan support in the coming year. The two sides also agree to increased financial assistance for coronavirus testing and vaccine deployment.

Here is the favorite bill proposal breakdown until there.

For more information on dunning checks, here is how soon you could get your second stimulation test now, what you need to do to expedite delivery of a potential second check, and what to know about HEALING, CARING and Heroes proposals for stimulus bills that could contribute to the development of a final package.


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