New COVID-19 Restrictions Arrive in Banff; the council extends the regulation on masks


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“The Bow Valley Walk makes it difficult to manage these visitor volumes, so given the success we’ve seen there this summer, we’ve been implementing it again for now,” he said. declared Daniella Rubeling of Parks Canada. “We really don’t want people walking on the road… In the summer that’s one thing, but we have snowplows on that road in the winter to maintain access for utilities and CP Rail, it is so very important that people know that these service vehicles and snow plows will be active on this road and we really don’t want to see any conflicts with pedestrian use of this road.

Rubeling said Parks Canada is considering the possibility of a shuttle service to take visitors to Johnston Canyon, but added that any potential solution will have to adhere strictly to all AHS guidelines.

Banff Council decides to expand Outer Mask mandate area

It was a long day for Banff council on Monday where, in a special nearly five-hour meeting, they voted on three issues related to COVID-19 which, at the council’s request, the administration fired for review following a previous meeting last week.

The council voted against the first proposed settlement, which would have seen bars and restaurants close to the public at 8 p.m. They will stay open until 11 p.m. and alcohol sales will stop at 10 p.m., in accordance with provincial restrictions designated last week.

Council voted to reduce restaurant occupancy rates to 50 percent of the fire code limit, although a motion to lower it further, to 25 percent, was quashed.


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