Negative COVID test not required when returning from France and Greece


From Monday 14 December, the Czechs can return without any restrictions from France and Greece.

Only foreigners who work or study in the Czech Republic for a long period of time must submit a COVID-19 test upon arrival from these two countries.

As of Monday, November 9, 2020, a new protective measure from the Ministry of Health has been in effect which regulates the entry of people into the Czech Republic. The resulting epidemiological measures and restrictions are applicable both to Czech citizens returning to the Czech Republic and to all foreign nationals.

Countries are divided into three categories: green, orange and red.

Green – travelers from these countries (foreign nationals and Czech citizens) can enter without obligation to complete the passenger tracking form in public health and without obligation to undergo the PCR test or quarantine.

Orange – travelers from these countries can enter without having to complete the public health passenger tracking form. Foreign nationals who travel to the Czech Republic for work or study are required to submit a negative result to the PCR test before entering the workplace or an educational institution in the Czech Republic. This only applies to foreign nationals.

Red – travelers from these countries (foreign nationals and Czech citizens) must complete the Public Health Passenger Tracking Form before entering the Czech Republic and undergo the PCR test or quarantine after entry.

If necessary, you can travel to countries marked in red for up to 24 hours without a negative COVID-19 test result. This applies to travel for health, family, professional or professional reasons.

Citizens of third countries, i.e. countries outside the EU +, continue to be banned from entering the territory of the Czech Republic, with the exception of the exceptions listed, in accordance with the coordinated approach of the EU.

The entry conditions and the categories of persons eligible for entry are governed by the new protection measure. Entry requirements can be found at MoI website.


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