Mother shares bloody images of her son’s COVID-19 hospital room


A Missouri mom is hoping the sight of her dying son’s blood dripping on the wall of a hospital room will help Americans take COVID-19 seriously.

Peyton Baumgarth was just 13 when he died from the virus in October, watched by his mother – a nurse who was also infected.

The eighth student was diagnosed with coronavirus just six days before, but suddenly took a turn for the worse with his oxygen levels dropping, his mother, Stephanie Franek, told The Sun.

As doctors at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital worked frantically to save the life of the eighth grader, Peyton began to bleed, his mother said.

“He had this big coughing fit and it basically started bleeding in his chest,” she says.

As a doctor tried to place tubes through the boy’s neck to help oxygenate his blood, the liquid sprayed all over the place, covering the walls, the medical equipment and the doctor himself, Franek said.

“I never thought it was going to happen,” Stephanie said.

“You don’t hear about children who contract COVID and how bad it is. I was just in shock. I cannot describe this sudden and devastating loss, ”she added.

“I hope people take COVID more seriously and don’t say it’s a political agenda or some type of fake news or it’s the same as the flu.”


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