Monster Hunter final trailer looks like a video game reel


Monster Hunter’s latest and final trailer is packed with creatures and action, making it more of a video game trailer than an actual one.

Most recent Monster hunter The trailer is filled with various monsters and side quests, moving away from the previous international trailer which focused more on the plot and the actual characters in the film. After Sony changed the release date a few times, the company announced that the video game adaptation would arrive in US theaters in early December 2020, likely due to the film’s withdrawal from circulation in China after the backlash. of a racist joke.

In the trailer, released by Sony Pictures, Milla Jovovich stars as U.S. Army Ranger Natalie Artemis, who walks through a portal and finds herself in a desert world filled with giant bloodthirsty monsters. She teams up with a local known as The Hunter, played by Tony Jaa, in order to find her way home. The two are shown fighting monsters which are sometimes as large as elephants and whales but are as fierce as the tyrannosaurus rex of Jurassic Park. As a whole, it looks a lot like a video game, showing only the action-packed sets, interrupting a scene where The Hunter explains to Artemis how he can take down a monster using another monster.

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While the trailer shows off the film’s unexpected cinematography and incredible CGI monsters, it looks a bit dull for the final trailer ahead of the film’s release. While video games may only be about action and which monsters will be hunted, the more general audience will expect character development and meaningful dialogue that will build a larger fan base outside of the gaming world. However, if the movie was made for fan service only and attempts to be exactly like the video game, Monster hunter could be a video game adaptation that viewers can hope for.

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Source: Sony Pictures

  • Monster Hunter (2020)Release Date: Dec 25, 2020

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